Beyonce Pregnant: Singer Reportedly Covering Up Baby Bump As Child No. 2 On The Way

Beyonce may be pregnant again, with reports claiming that the singer has been covering up her growing baby bump to keep her newest pregnancy secret at least a bit longer.

Even as the couple faced rumors that they could be headed for divorce --- which was kicked off largely by Beyonce herself with the mysterious "Becky with the good hair" lyrics in her hit song "Sorry" --- it now appears that they could be on solid footing again and expecting baby No. 2.

Beyonce was reportedly seen on vacation showing a small baby bump in what would be the early stages of her pregnancy, OK! magazine reported (via Celeb Dirty Laundry).

"According to OK! magazine, Beyonce was spotted covering up her stomach during a yacht date with Jay-Z and Blue Ivy. Beyonce apparently made quite an effort to hide her fuller figure from the paparazzi cameras while keeping her hands strategically placed near her midsection. Either the singer might have had a heavy meal or she's definitely pregnant by just not ready to make an announcement just yet."
This is far from the first time that rumors have claimed Beyonce is pregnant. For several months, there were rumors that she and Jay Z were expecting baby No. 2. One of those reports came back in January, when Hollywood Life spotted pictures of the singer wearing bulky clothing and suspected that she was hiding a baby bump. This seemed to confirm rumors dating back about three months before claiming that Beyonce was hiding a pregnancy.
At the time, a source told the celebrity news outlet that Beyonce was itching to have another baby after seeing how much Kanye West changed when he had a boy. Beyonce reportedly wanted to do the same for Jay Z.

"Beyonce's definitely trying to get pregnant," a source told Hollywood Life. "HOVA has given her everything she's wanted in life and she wants to give him the ultimate gift every father dreams of – a son! She's been on the phone with Kim [Kardashian] constantly, asking about her pregnancy with Saint. But even more than that, B's been interrogating Kim about what it's like to have a son and asking about Kanye and Saint's interactions."

"It's a bond that only a father has with his son and Kim explained to Bey that she wants to cry every time Kanye holds the boy," the source added. "Beyonce was blown away by the connection that Kanye and Saint have and she wants Jay to experience that. They're very sexually active and trying to achieve just that."

A separate report around the same time from Us Weekly claimed that Beyonce was even arranging her busy schedule to accommodate having another baby.

But it's difficult to tell if there is any truth to the newest rumor that Beyonce is pregnant. For one, nearly all of the previous reports claiming she's expecting again have been incorrect, and she seems to be a magnet for tabloid reports. That includes the turbulent summer of 2014, when she and Jay Z were surrounded by near-constant divorce rumors during their joint tour. Reports later claimed that the marital strife was invented to bring more attention to the couple.

And the current reports have plenty of doubt as well. While some pictures spotted what may have been a baby bump, Beyonce isn't showing any signs of taking it easy. She was photographed riding a jet ski while on vacation, which would be a risky activity for someone who is pregnant.

For their part, neither Jay Z nor Beyonce have publicly addressed the rumors that she is pregnant again.

[Picture by Al Bello/Getty Images]