Louis Tomlinson Baby Drama: Is Briana Jungwirth Set To Tell All? Probably Not

Louis Tomlinson became a father back in January of this year and you might be tempted to think that there is absolutely nothing remarkable about that. However, in the world of One Direction no event involving Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Niall Horan or Liam Payne is ever likely to be seen as unremarkable. Tomlinson’s road to fatherhood has been one of the most talked about celebrity pregnancies of all time. Problems began when U.K. tabloid the Sunbroke the news that Louis was to become a father because Tomlinson’s baby mama, Briana Jungwirth, was a woman he barely knew.

Tomlinson fans were not impressed and so began the longest running baby drama in recent history. It was pretty clear from the outset that 24-year-old Louis did not intend to feed the media frenzy that surrounded Briana’s pregnancy. Not only did Louis refuse to talk about his impending fatherhood, it was widely reported that any questions about baby Tomlinson would lead to the immediate end of any interview. Remarkably to date, Tomlinson has never once mentioned Briana’s name in public, not even when he announced on Twitter that Freddie Tomlinson had arrived.

It has never been clear why Louis has maintained his silence on Briana. Tomlinson may have been trying to protect Briana’s privacy, or he may have been acting on management or legal advice. Of course Tomlinson and Briana were never really an item, so maybe Louis just did not want to discuss an unplanned pregnancy with a young woman he barely knew.

We may never know Louis’ reasoning, but we do know that his silence gave rise to millions of column inches of ill-informed gossip and a thousand fan theories. The tabloids painted Tomlinson as feckless, a deadbeat dad and a habitual party animal. Fan theories were much more complex.

Many fans believed that Briana had deliberately become pregnant after the briefest of relationships and that she saw Louis as a “meal-ticket.” Others believed that One Direction’s management has involved Tomlinson as the key player in some sort of sick PR stunt. Many were convinced that the whole story was fake or that Briana was pregnant but the baby was not Louis’. Even now many One Direction fans still believe that Louis’ fatherhood story still stinks worse than last week’s fish.

The one thing that is absolutely clear is that the tabloids still churn out far-fetched claims based on the flimsiest of evidence. Earlier this week, Briana uploaded a photograph showing her sitting at a table with a note pad and pen. This led to Heat speculating that Briana could be setting out to write a “tell-all” book on her relationship with Louis. Let’s be clear there is absolutely nothing to suggest that Briana has any such intention, far from writing anything about Louis, it looks like Briana was writing a shopping list.

It does seem clear that Tomlinson’s relationship with Briana is somewhat strained. In the early days after Freddie Tomlinson’s birth, we saw numerous pictures of Louis arriving or leaving the home he had rented for Freddie and Briana. More recently, Louis has been seen collecting little Freddie in car-parks or even at the side of the road, this among claims that Briana is insanely jealous of Louis’ relationship with Originals actress Danielle Campbell.

Last month the Daily Mail reported that Briana has lashed out at Campbell on Twitter after pictures emerged of Louis and Danielle enjoying a day at the beach with Freddie. Briana said “you can pretend all you want, but you will never be my baby son’s mother.”

Jungwirth’s relationship with Louis’ fans has been fractious from the outset. It would be understandable if Briana feels upset by the constant speculation about her baby, but she and her family have hardly helped matters. Members of Briana’s family have used social media to attack both Tomlinson and his fans. Just last month, Briana launched a scathing social media attack on Louis’ fans.

“To all those who feel the need to make disparaging, hateful and inappropriate comments concerning me and my son Freddie – I am sincerely sorry that you all have chosen to focus your time and attention on my life and the life of my son.

“Surely you must have better things to do than pry into the personal life of a single mom and newborn child.”

Earlier this week it was reported in the Inquisitr that Briana had suggested that “Larries,” One Direction fans who are convinced that Louis and Harry Styles are a couple, should be jailed. Tomlinson fans reacted in typical hilarious fashion and had the hashtag #LarriesAreGoingToJail trending worldwide.

It is difficult not to have at least a little sympathy for Briana, she was clearly unprepared for the media whirlwind that she was caught up in when she got involved with Tomlinson, however briefly. People Magazine reported that a source close to Briana says she is jealous of Campbell because she hoped and expected a proper relationship with Louis.

“Before Briana got pregnant, she was bragging to friends about how serious she was with Louis. She thought it was going to be a real relationship.

“When Louis started dating Danielle, Briana was upset and that’s when the drama started.”

It seems that Briana wants to protect Tomlinson’s son from media and fan intrusion, an understandable position. The problem is that she will find that impossible to achieve if she continues to use social media to attack Louis fans and his girlfriend.

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