Karrueche Tran Is Done With Chris Brown Questions, Focuses On Her Career

Karrueche Tran is known for her tumultuous relationship with R&B singer Chris Brown. It's been almost two years since she broke up with Brown when he fathered a child with another woman.

Since then, she has focused on her career with acting gigs, modelling and being a businesswoman. The actress has landed a role in a TV pilot titled Claws, a new series developed by Rashida Jones and Will McCormack.

She is set to portray a manicurist named Virginia, and the series is about five nail technicians in Florida that are up to no good. This will be a leap in Tran's career as she has had small roles in TV series, such as Vanity and Single Ladies.

She also appeared in a movie, A Weekend with the Family, starring opposite Marques Houston.

In an interview with Kode magazine, Karrueche talked about the struggles that came with being in a high profile relationship with Chris Brown. When asked about the drawbacks, Tran revealed her feelings.

"It's hard having to see my personal business available to the world. But at this point I look at it like it is what it is. I don't allow it to affect me or change who I am. That's why I like to be a home body and balance myself out. I'll stay at home for a few days and just mellow out and have some 'me' time."
There has been a lot of speculation thrown as Karrueche's dating life since her split with Brown. A picture with Tyson Beckford led Chris Brown to threaten the model and the two traded insults on social media.

The model has also been linked to Nyle DiMarco, Chris Mason and Lewis Hamilton. However, she has not been confirmed to be in a relationship with anyone since breaking up with Brown.

In her interview with Kode, Karrueche discusses the challenges of acting and how she has developed her skills.

"I would definitely say acting. I never expected that one day I would get into acting, but I love it. I used to always think I was shy and now I'm really coming into my own and learning a lot more about myself. I'm also learning how much work goes into acting which is why I'm taking the steps now to take classes and perfect my craft."
Karrueche addressed critics who attribute her fame to her relationship to Brown. It is clear that the model is done with question about the relationship and has decided to take the high road.
"I have nothing to say to anyone who has anything negative to say."
Brown has also in the past attacked his former lover's career ambition in a now deleted Instagram post. Chris warned Karrueche about the disingenuous relationships of Hollywood and takes a thinly-veiled jab at her talent in the deleted Instagram post shared by Music Times.
"I wish you the most successful career ever, but I promise you this: Once this talent you have starts to simmer, so will everyone else including Jacob. All of your famous friends know you how?"
Karrueche replied to the jab by advising Brown to move one and focus on his family. The "Loyal" singer has also had a troubled relationship with the mother of his child, Nia Guzman. The pair have gone back and forth in court surrounding issues with child support and visitation rights.

Tran ran into Chris Brown recently at a Kylie Jenner party and it is reported that she avoided her ex. As Karrueche's career continues to develop, do you think she can create an identity that doesn't involve Chris Brown?

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[Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images]