Bodyguard Reveals Why Prince Harry Is The ‘Favorite’ Of Royal Staff

A former member of the Palace's security team has revealed the differences between Prince William and Prince Harry. Ken Wharfe, who worked for the family for over 15 years, shared that the younger royal reminded the staff of the late Princess Diana.

Prince Harry smile
Prince Harry meets young people as he visits the Wigan Youth Zone, a purpose-built youth facility in England. [Photo by Neil Jones - WPA Pool/Getty Images]Wharfe told the Daily Mail that Prince Harry was the staff's favorite because "you knew exactly where you stood with him." He said that Prince William tended to be shy while his brother was "much more open."

He remembered the time when Prince Harry paid him an unexpected visit to ask if he could play with the security officer's walkie-talkies. Wharfe further went on to detail how Prince William showed peculiarities while growing up.

"You know how in a group of children there's often the odd one who doesn't quite fit the bill? William was one of those. That wasn't to say he was bad. He was just not like his brother. Everybody liked Harry because he was funny. William wasn't. That was his character and, of course, he knew exactly who he was."
Wharfe believes that Prince Harry would be a "remarkable king." Apart from his insights about the brothers, he talked about the days he used to work for Princess Diana.

He closely guarded Princess Diana, but never felt like a servant because she had a "wicked sense of humor." Deemed as the "People's Princess," Wharfe shared that Prince Charles "did not know how to deal with her popularity."

The prince reportedly thought twice whenever his wife would ask to join him for events. He was worried that all the attention would shift to the mother-of-two.

Wharfe thinks that things would have been different if the Queen did something to influence her daughter-in-law's decisions.

"Diana genuinely loved [the Queen]. If the Queen had said, 'I understand where you're coming from. My son can be difficult'— because that was the sort of conversation they had on a regular basis — 'but you can't get rid of your security', Diana would have bought that, and we wouldn't be sitting here now."
Despite her untimely death in 1997, the Princess of Wales seemed to have done a great job in teaching her sons how to treat the ones working for them.

Last year, Prince Harry paid tribute not just to his mother, but also to their childhood nanny, Olga Powell. He named two parts of the Mamohato Children's Center after his mother and Powell. The facility was built just last year to care for HIV/AIDS-stricken children in Africa. The center aims not just to provide care, but to also educate children about the condition.

Prince Harry opted to name a reception hall "The Olga Powell Welcome Center" to honor the woman who played an invaluable role in their lives. The nanny started to work for the Palace in 1982 when Prince William was only six-months-old. She cared for the two princes for years and was with them when their parents' marriage was starting to crumble.

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Prince Harry and Prince William try out light sabres during a tour of the Star Wars sets in Iver Heath, England. [Photo by Adrian Dennis-WPA Pool/Getty Images]The Royal Victorian Medal recipient said in 2011 that she treated the princes as her grandsons.
"I have a very normal relationship with them. Their upbringing was very normal and their parents wanted them to have as ordinary a childhood as they could. If they saw a muddy puddle they wanted to jump in it and if there was something to climb, they wanted to climb it."
Powell died in 2012 of a heart attack. Prince William cancelled several engagements to attend his former nanny's funeral in Harlow, Essex. He came with Princess Diana's sisters.

Prince Harry, on the other hand, wasn't able to come for he was then serving in Afghanistan.

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