Moon Rocks And Meteorites Going Up For Auction In Manhattan In October

moon rocks for sale

Moon rocks and meteorites for sale; moon rocks and meteorites for sale!

If you’ve ever wanted to buy a moon rock or meteorite but just don’t trust those sellers in Norway or Taiwan on eBay for providing the real deal, now’s your chance to own a bit of the night sky and be sure what you’re getting is really from space and not a parking lot in Teaneck, New Jersey.

Moon rocks and meteorites collected after falling to Earth — something we can all agree is a rare commodity — are going up for auction through auction house Heritage Auctions, and the agency is calling the public auction the largest ever of moon rocks for sale.

However, if you’re an average Joe hoping to get in on the moon rocks for sale, it’s likely the price will be somewhat prohibitive for private collectors. Space expert Robert Pearlman told that the origin as well as the rarity affects the price of moon rocks for sale:

“When it comes to the market for moon rocks, size does matter – but so does origin … For example, three seed-sized pieces of the moon that were brought back to Earth by a Russian robotic probe in 1970 were sold at auction 30 years later for $442,500.”

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Pearlman continues:

“And while the moon rocks recovered by the Apollo astronauts are considered National Treasures and have never been awarded to individuals, hypothetical appraisals have suggested even a 1-gram sample could be worth millions.”

Thusly, the moon rocks for sale are likely to wind up in a museum collection where they can be appreciated by many. However, since the auction is public, there is also a chance a very wealthy bidder will claim the moon rocks for sale for a private collection.