Katy Perry And John Mayer’s Relationship Allegeldy Has Friends Worried

Will Katy Perry and John Mayer’s relationship end in tears for the ‘Wide Awake” singer? A source that spoke with Radar Online claims the love match is doomed. Perry allegedly fell very hard for the popular ladies’ man and ignored warnings from friends and family to keep the relationship on the casual side.

The 34-year-old singer previously dumped Perry after a mere few weeks of dating, allegedly furthering concerns by loved ones that the danger of more heartbreak is looming. Backing away from the relationship before she becomes too attached may be sound advice, but, if the source’s claims are accurate, the words of wisdom do not appear to be making an impression on the young songstress, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The Radar Online source had this to say about Katy Perry and John Mayer:

“Katy’s friends and family haven’t taken to John at all, in fact they are worried that she is headed for heartbreak. She’s been telling everybody who cares to listen how great John is and it’s clear that she is totally in love with him. At first she was quite careful with John and said she wasn’t ready for a relationship and just wanted to have fun. Despite the fiery image Katy likes to present, she’s actually more fragile than that, and when John dumped her a few weeks after they first got together, she was devastated.”

The man many regard as a legendary player reportedly poured his heart out to Perry, confessing that had changed his wild womanizing ways. An earlier exclusive report on Radar Online notes that Mayer maintains that he is ready to settle down and considers the young brunette singer the perfect girlfriend.