WWE News: Update On Finn Balor's 'Demon King' Character, Vince McMahon's Reaction

As Finn Balor prepares to face Seth Rollins to crown the first WWE Universal champion, his transition onto the main roster is receiving mixed directions.

According to Daily Wrestling News, Balor's 'Demon King' character, which was a heavy focus of Rollins' promo on WWE RAW this past Monday, has been a hot topic of discussion. The report states that people within WWE felt that Balor's alter ego, who is covered in paint and was usually present on NXT Takeover specials, should have been held off.

DWN states that Balor's main roster showcase for the Demon King should have been held off until after SummerSlam. However, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is reportedly a big fan of the look Balor takes on as the Demon King, so he wants to debut that persona for his match against Rollins. Several reports have indicated that Balor is the favorite to walk out of Brooklyn, New York, as the WWE Universal champion.

Balor, 35, was RAW's fifth overall pick in the recent WWE Draft. He made his subsequent main roster debut the following Monday. First, Balor defeated Rusev, Cesaro, and Sheamus in a fatal four-way to advance to the finals of a tournament to determine Rollins' opponent on August 21. Later on that night, Balor defeated Roman Reigns -- deemed by some as an upset -- and moved on to one of the premier matches on the first WWE pay-per-view of the "new era."

"I guess it's always something I've imagined was going to happen eventually, and I think it far exceeded any expectations that I'd ever imagined," Balor told WWE.com after he made his long anticipated main roster debut. "I always had this kind of vision that I'd be turning up as a surprise, maybe an interference or jump the barrier. But the way it all happened was exactly the way it was meant to be. I'm glad my debut wasn't left up to my imagination, because it wouldn't have been anywhere close to being as good as it was on Monday night."

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Balor is currently highly regarded by McMahon, so much that he's reported to be in the running for a top, main event spot on RAW. Originally believed to be Reigns' spot, his recent violation of WWE's Wellness Policy has demoted him from WWE championship contention to a probable bout versus Rusev for the WWE United States championship at SummerSlam.

Also, DWN's report mentions that some people believe Balor has not been on the main roster long enough to warrant such a meteoric rise up WWE's foodchain. But the former Prince Devitt proved himself in WWE's developmental system NXT after signing with the company in mid-2014, capturing the NXT World Heavyweight championship in July 2015, going on to have the longest reign of any NXT champion.

"Yeah, man! To say it's a fairytale is an understatement, the way everything has panned out. I spent two years at NXT and a lot of times questioned, 'When is this going to happen?' or 'Is this actually going to happen? Am I going to make it to Raw?' For what felt like such a long wait, now everything seems to be happening so fast. It has made literally every minute of that two-year wait worth it. I'd wait two years again just for that opportunity to walk out on Raw and have the same kind of feeling I had last Monday."
Now, despite reports of Balor's push being questioned, the 'Demon King' is prepared to cast his shadow over the WWE Universe.

[Photo via WWE]