‘Twin Peaks’ Teasers Reveal ‘Everything… Is Going To Be Unconventional’

Twin Peaks fans will be happy to learn that the third season has finished filming. They may be equally happy to hear that nothing about the new season, which comes 26 years after the second season ended, will be even remotely conventional. From the plot to the run times for the new Twin Peaks season, the Showtime panel at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour revealed that everything about the Twin Peaks revival will be unconventional.

Twin Peaks Co-Creator David Lynch Directed Every Episode

The TCA event granted Twin Peaks fans a look at the process of giving the cult favorite series a third season, with Showtime President and CEO David Nevins detailing the behind-the-scenes details at the summer press tour, reports Bloody Disgusting. Possibly more exciting for fans than any other detail is the news that David Lynch directed the episodes himself. Beyond that, Lynch is also personally editing the episodes and providing the musical scores for the scenes.

While many, including Showtime executives, are wondering just what that will mean for Twin Peaks, Gary Levine, who is Showtime’s President of Programming, says it will all remain a mystery, until Twin Peaks premieres.

“It’s a process of seeing how it evolved. That organism continues to evolve. Until [Lynch has] figured that out and shows it to us, we actually won’t know.”

Nevins adds that everything about Twin Peaks will be unpredictable, right down to the run times. Fans expecting the new Twin Peaks episodes to fit into traditional 30- or 60-minute time blocks may be unsettled a bit by the actual experience. Each episode for the third season of Twin Peaks will be a unique event in itself.

“Everything about Twin Peaks is going to be unconventional. Unconventional in the handling of it and how we put it out in the world and how we market it. I want to really embrace the unusualness of it,” said the Showtime CEO. “I think it is quite possible we’re not going to do a traditional release pattern. I don’t know exactly what that means yet. I’ve had a couple conversations with David but I want to embrace the unexpectedness of it. I could definitely see longer episodes or this question of how do we release it linearly and how do we release it for people who want to stream it. There may be some difference between the two. There’s all sorts of possibilities.”

There Will Be No Binge Watching For Twin Peaks

Filming Twin Peaks has been a much more fluid experience than with most episodic television, with David Lynch working out his own schedule, so as Slash Film reveals, the season hasn’t even been divided into individual episodes yet. That will come with the editing process, but regardless of how Twin Peaks is ultimately released, Showtime executives are in agreement on one thing: Twin Peaks will not be premiere as one bulk release for binge watching as other streaming services have done in the past.

That may come as bad news for Twin Peaks fans too eager for Season 3 to wait for each episode on a weekly basis, but Levine says Lynch has done an amazing job, and it will definitely be well worth the wait. The fact that Levine is making these assertions based solely on the dailies may be a testament to the quality and dedication of everyone involved.

“In watching a little bit of dailies of Twin Peaks, we were both just instantly transported. It was really amazing. These weren’t even cut scenes. David was happy to share some of it with us. This is obviously a very unique partnership on this series and he’s earned that right. Boy, just looking at the dailies, the tone, the feel. It is so singular, we can’t wait to show it to the world.”

Season 3 of Twin Peaks is scheduled to air in April 2017 on Showtime.

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