'The Young And The Restless' Spoilers: Adam Worries, Chloe Relents, Dylan Digs, And Phyllis Feels Resigned

The Young and the Restless spoilers for Friday's show tease that there will be intense moments as questions are asked and plans progress. Dylan is determined to prove Adam's innocence, and Jack is confident that his marriage with Phyllis is back on the right track despite her lingering feelings for Billy. Where are things headed during the August 12 episode?

As viewers saw on Thursday's show, Dylan headed to the park to contemplate what to do next after being suspended by Paul despite remaining certain of a connection between Adam's case, Chloe, and Victor. He happened to see Chloe and Victor at the park in the midst of a heated discussion, and Young and Restless spoilers via SheKnows Soaps detail that he will approach the two of them to ask what they're discussing. She makes up a story and leaves, and Victor insists that he had nothing to do with setting up Adam.

Nikki and Sharon will discuss Dylan's suspension, and Young and Restless spoilers note that Sharon will defend her husband's efforts to clear Adam. Nikki will question whether Sharon is still on her medications, and Sharon fires back that Nikki needs meds herself if she really believes that Victor wasn't involved in framing Adam. Soon, Dylan arrives home and tells his mother that he is done investigating.

Once Nikki leaves, however, Sharon questions her husband and notes that she knows he is still digging into the case. The Young and the Restless spoilers detail that Dylan admits that he is indeed, and he thinks he may have finally come across what he needs to prove Adam's innocence. He asserts that Chloe is definitely working with Victor, and he fills her in on the details. Sharon is, however, worried about her husband's involvement in this.

Chelsea took Connor to visit Adam, and Young and Restless spoilers share that he will give her the letter that he had written for his son. He talks about being home before Connor's next birthday, but when the boy gets startled, and Chelsea takes him out of the visiting area, Adam tells his wife not to do this to Connor again. He gets rather intense, and she pleads with him as things get heated.

We Love Soaps details that later, Adam has a dream about his future. In the dream, he is being released from jail when his son is grown, and Chelsea passes away as he is released. Connor blames his father for her death, and Victor has died in the dream as well.

When Chelsea returns to the penthouse, she tells Chloe about the difficult visit and Young and Restless spoilers indicate that Chloe will talk about how she should leave. However, Chelsea asks her to stay, and she later talks with her son about waiting for Adam no matter how long it takes for him to return home.

The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that Nikki will fill Victor in on Dylan backing off of the investigation and being suspended. Soon, Chloe will show up at Newman Enterprises to talk to Victor, and they talk about Dylan. Victor threatens that Dylan will surely figure out what has happened, and she will end up losing Bella as he heads back to jail. He will point out that the diary pages are the only option they have, and she finally admits that she didn't burn them.

Victor will insist that Chloe needs to hand over the diary pages, and she expresses frustration about wanting Adam to pay for what happened to Delia. The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that he will tell her that he will make it look like someone else was responsible for the diary sabotage, and he gives her an ultimatum to either be with Bella or get revenge against Adam. He pressures her to trust him, and she shocks him by pulling the pages out from behind his portrait.

Jill has pressured Phyllis to walk away from Billy and reunite with her husband, and she has been trying to make her marriage work. The Young and the Restless spoilers share that Jack will talk with Phyllis about how supportive she is of Summer and the wedding, and he fills her in on Victoria's decision to return to Brash and Sassy. He invites her to lunch with Billy, but she declines.

Billy and Victoria will be working well together, joking around and sharing ideas as Jack shows up and talks about Victor. Later, Phyllis connects with Victoria, and Young and Restless spoilers note that she will try to find out if Victoria is looking to reunite with Billy.

It seems that Victoria will ask Phyllis what her opinion is, and Phyllis says that she thinks they could be a fantastic couple if they stop hiding things and lying to one another. The Young and the Restless spoilers hint that this may leave Victoria wondering if Billy has something he is hiding.

At lunch, Jack will note how glad he is that Phyllis is letting Summer embrace her wedding plans, and Billy leaves his brother a bit startled as he talks about how Jack stifles Phyllis and keeps her from being her true self. Jack will talk about how both Phyllis and Billy are free spirits, and he seems grateful for his brother's insight.

Later, Jack asks Phyllis if he is keeping her from being herself, acknowledging that Billy brought it up. The Young and the Restless spoilers indicate that she will reassure him that all is well between them, and she thinks that Billy and Victoria are headed to a good place as well.

However, Phyllis and Billy will cross paths at the park, and he will tell her that he truly believes what he told his brother. He feels certain that Jack is pulling her away from who she really is, but she nudges him to reunite with Victoria and move on from her. She says she is sure everybody would be happy then, but he retorts that she certainly wouldn't be.

Will Chloe hand over the diary pages, and who does Victor plan to frame for the situation? When will Adam be able to get out of jail and reunite with Chloe and Connor? Are Billy and Victoria destined to be together and can Phyllis find happiness with Jack again? The Young and the Restless spoilers share that there are plenty of intense moments on the way, and fans will not want to miss where things head next.

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