Taylor Swift Delays New Album Amid Calvin Harris, Kanye West Feud: Fears Record Will Flop

While Taylor Swift has been wanting to get back in the studio to work on her forthcoming record, reports allege that her PR team is preventing her from putting any new music out until her reputation is cleared from all the recent scandals, it has been alleged.

Taylor has found herself in endless feuds this summer, which all started with Calvin Harris, whom she infamously dumped via a measly phone call. Her fans were shocked to then find out that their idol had moved on with actor Tom Hiddleston just two weeks after calling it quits with the music producer.

From there, her feud with Kanye West took quite the turn when the rapper and his wife, Kim Kardashian, exposed Taylor for lying about her knowledge of the reference on the rapper's hit song, "Famous." The controversy led to the hashtag #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty, which trended for more than 24 hours on Twitter, giving the impression that Swift's career was somewhat affected by the scandal.

Celeb Dirty Laundry is now alleging that Swift has been told not to put out any new music in the midst of all the controversies she's found herself in. Her team is said to be worried that the "Shake It Off" singer could experience shockingly low sales for the simple fact that many of her own fans have reportedly turned their backs on her.

"Taylor Swift's reputational crisis would definitely hurt her album sales and that's why her PR team knows it would be best to wait until the crisis blows over," the outlet reveals, insinuating that there will be no new music from the singer until her feuds have been resolved.

Currently, Taylor is known to be on bad terms with Kim, Kanye, Calvin Harris, Katy Perry, and Harry Styles. While she won't be trying to play peacemaker in any of these situations, she does want to get to a place where everyone can remain cordial around one another, especially since they are all bound to cross one another's paths sooner or later.

"Considering how media savvy Taylor Swift already is, she knows that keeping a low profile and perhaps even taking a break from the spotlight would work to her advantage, especially if she plans on coming out on top again."
It was just last month when reports alleged that Taylor Swift had returned to the studio to work on new music for her forthcoming album. Sources at the time revealed that Taylor was using all of the bad press and negative stories about her and planned on turning them into hit songs, starting off with the Calvin Harris breakup.

From what insiders have gathered, however, Taylor Swift is still deeply disturbed by the thought of being secretly recorded by Kanye West, only to then have the audio leaked for the entire world to hear. She's more than aware that this has humiliated her and most definitely will have her say in all of this when she does decide to put out new music.

The confusing part of it all is, if Taylor Swift's team is waiting for the controversy to die down, would it not be reignited if the singer ends up addressing all of it on her new album? Whatever the case may be, Celeb Dirty Laundry and Cosmopolitan are certain that Taylor will be staying away from anything that has to do with the people she's been feuding with in recent months, hoping that the scandals will die down so that she can eventually get back to recording new music.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for TAS]