WWE Rumors: SummerSlam Predictions Have Roman Reigns Defeated?

We're just ten days away from SummerSlam, and the WWE rumors mill is in overdrive. It seems as though fans want nothing more than to see what's going to go on with their favorite SummerSlam matches, so we've decided to compile this list of SummerSlam predictions that we think you should bear in mind going into the main event on Sunday, August 21st.

First of all, as WhatCulture correctly points out, this SummerSlam will be the ultimate predictor as to the direction of the WWE after the show. If the current WWE rumors are to be believed, there are many wrestlers that are going to start to get their just due thanks to the biggest wrestling show of the summer. Specifically, Rusev is looking to be poised to be one of the next WWE superstars, especially since early predictions are stating that he will defeat Roman Reigns. This will come as a shock to a lot of fans, especially since Roman Reigns is a fan favorite and his return after his ignoble suspension was celebrated. But between the Rusev and Lana wedding drama and his increasingly high-profile scheduled fights, it looks as though the WWE rumors are proving true, and Rusev is working his way toward main card super-stardom. The only way that can happen, of course, is if he defeats Roman Reigns in the ring. The good news is, though, that Roman Reigns will end up leaving the so-called "doghouse" after Rusev defeats him at SummerSlam.

More interesting WWE rumors abound about the SummerSlam match for the Intercontinental Championship. According to Heavy, however, there's only one way that this match can go, and it's not in The Miz's favor. (Sidebar: he's come a long way from his days on The Real World -- and astute fans will recall that it was during his Real World stint back in 2004 that "The Miz" initially debuted.) The Miz, no doubt, is a fan favorite, and he's been the Intercontinental Champion for five reigns now. However, as with everything else in the franchise, all good things must come to an end, and The Miz's story line is getting a bit tedious. To be fair, The Miz would certainly serve better in the commentator's box, so it's not like his career with the WWE would be -- or should be -- over after SummerSlam. Apollo Crews, though, is a fresh face in the wrestling world, and the WWE could stand to gain some diversity, so it's only fair that the Intercontinental Champion title go to him on the 21st of August.Finally, the WWE rumors surrounding Randy Orton's match are proving to be true... if, of course, you believe Christian Today's report about the match. Randy Orton's match against Brock Lesnar is the only inter-promotional match in the show, and many believe that this was designed to end Brock Lesnar's reign in the WWE. This is a controversial theory, to be sure, but one that's necessary to happen for a few reasons. First, SmackDown needs to get its own "legs," and Randy Orton is just the man to do it. Second, Lesnar may actually be gone from the WWE roster soon -- between testing positive for drugs, and not being as popular with audiences as he once was, there are a few rumors circulating that he may be gone from the WWE roster by the end of the year! Finally, there would be nothing more satisfying for the WWE rumor mill than to see Randy Orton take down the self-proclaimed "Beast," especially considering that "The Beast" has felled wrestlers like John Cena and The Undertaker.

Do you believe that these WWE rumors about SummerSlam are true, and if so, will you be watching SummerSlam?

[Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images]