'Summer In The City: Hallmark's Romantic TV Movie Takes Viewers To New York City, Starring Vivica Fox, Julianna Guill

Summer In The City is the latest original Hallmark movie, starring the delightful Vivica A. Fox. The film, which will air this Saturday, is about a small town girl who has a hard time adjusting to big city life in New York City after she is given a job promotion in a fancy clothing boutique. Summer In The City, which was previously titled Managing Manhattan, is directed by Vic Sarin and written by Gary Goldstein. In addition to the vivacious Vivica Fox's role as Alyssa Shaw, it also stars Julianna Guill as Taylor McCall, Natasha Henstridge as Kendall, Marla Sokoloff as Mindy, Marc Bendavid as Phil, Christie Burke as Courtney, Andrea Brooks as Pam, Panta Mosleh as Heidi, Barbara Wallace as Mrs. Marks, and Eric Pollins as Frankie. Last week, Hallmark debuted the movie, My Summer Prince.

Summer In The City: Hallmark Movie Synopsis

According to It's A Wonderful Movie, in this two-hour flick, we meet Taylor McCall, a clothing store manager in a small town who bumps into New York City's Alyssa Shaw, a savvy, quick-tongued store-owner who offers Taylor a job in Manhattan for the summer. Alyssa wants Taylor to run her A-line store, an upscale boutique that could use a fresh new face.

Taylor jumps at the chance. After all, this is New York City. Set on being a success, Taylor believes that she needs to change up her personality to seem more sophisticated as she tries to fit in with fellow New Yorkers. But, she's not fooling the locals. They notice right away that she is not from their neck of the woods. It's around this time that she meets Phillip, a handsome 30-year-old realtor who is immediately taken with Taylor and finds her small town charm most endearing.

However, it is going to take committing a huge blunder at her job to make Taylor realize that being herself is the only way to be successful in her new position while opening herself up to a new romantic relationship with Phillip.

Cast Information For Summer In The City, As Listed On the Hallmark Channel

Actress Julianna Guill

"Julianna Guill is a native of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. With numerous film and television credits to her name, she is emerging as one of Hollywood's young actresses to watch. Her previous film credits include Captain America: Civil War, Crazy Stupid Love with Steve Carell and Julianne Moore, The Apparition with Ashley Greene and Michael Bay's remake of Friday 13th."
Actress Vivica A. Fox
"You've currently seen Vivica in the film, Chocolate City with Tyson Beckford, Robert Ri'chard, and Michael Jai White, and when she popped up as Candace and wowed audiences with her debut in Fox Network's mega hit television show Empire, starring opposite Golden Globe winner Taraji P. Henson as Cookie's older sister."
As anticipated, many fans are looking forward to seeing actress Vivica A. Fox in the Hallmark movie. Securing the role as Alyssa in Summer In The City falls right in line with some other exciting opportunities that Vivica Fox has coming up for this year. In an interview with Parade, she elaborates.
"I've been such a busy blessed bee. I'm doing my clothing line, the Vivica A. Fox Collection. It's affordable and I want every woman to feel beautiful and look good. I also have my hair collection and I just booked Managing Manhattan, a Hallmark movie. In it, I play a fashionista—all this fashion stuff is happening for me, which is great. I'm in the happiest place I've been in a long time."
With summer just ending and everyone heading back to school, Summer In The City is just the right kind of romantic TV movie that puts you in that frame of mind, and since thousands of people leave New York City after the end of every summer in real life, it adds a bit of realism to the movie.

In the upcoming Hallmark movie, be prepared to enjoy some nice footage of New York's Manhattan, a fast-paced city that offers the best in rooftop bars, speakeasies, and some of the best restaurants in America.

Summer In The City is produced by Sepia Films with Meyer Shwarzstein holding the executive producer title. Sepia Films is a Canadian production company with an impressive list of movies and projects in their content catalog.

Do yourself a favor and watch Summer In The City this Saturday, August 13, at 9/8 p.m. Central on the Hallmark Channel. Previously, the Inquisitr told you about two other Hallmark romance movies. They were Tulips In Spring and For Love And Honor.

[Image via Hallmark Channel]