Lisa Marie Presley's Divorce Led Her To Rehab?

Lisa Marie Presley has been going through some very difficult times of late and there is reportedly more to it than meets the eye. The reports indicate that the daughter to the late superstar Elvis Presley has checked into a rehab facility. An insider has noted that the reason for the decision to check in has to do with Presley's split from her husband of 10 years, Michael Lockwood.

Lisa Marie is said to have checked into a Los Angeles rehab facility for the purpose of seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, Her plan reportedly includes a $400,000 personal detox team. The insider also shared details about Lisa Marie's state that led her to needing rehab treatment.

"Lisa Marie just fell off the wagon over the past couple of years and needed serious help in getting her life back on track again."
There have been rumors surrounding the couple that Lockwood was abusive and a bit of a money-grubber. Since the split from Lockwood in June, Presley has also requested full custody of their 7-year-old daughters, referring to their father as "unsafe." The full story is unknown, yet it's clear that these sorts of scenarios are all definitely triggers to someone who has suffered from addiction.Back in 2013, Presley had spoken to Rolling Stone about her former addictions. She talked of the drugs she had and had not tried.
"I did everything but mushrooms and heroin. Those were two things I didn't take. Thank God. Or crack. That wasn't really happening then."
In the past, Lisa Marie was able to get over her addictions by checking into the Scientology Celebrity Centre's rehab facility, which is where she met her first husband, Danny Keough. As She Knows shares, a representative for Presley has yet to confirm that she has entered rehab.

Being that she is the heir to the estate of Elvis Presley, valued at an estimated $300 million, Lisa Marie is not asking for any spousal support or child support in her divorce papers, as the Daily Mail shares. The former couple also has a post-nuptial arrangement that does not give detail of any property division.

In a recent memoir, Lisa Marie's father's addictions were made known by his girlfriend following his split from Priscilla Presley. Linda Thompson, shares in her book about the heavy addictions Elvis suffered from and gave heartbreaking descriptions of the amount he suffered due to those addictions to not only drugs, but also to his vanity.

Thompson detailed one such example when she literally saved the King from drowning in his soup. People recalls her words in the memoir.
"Whatever he took besides the Placidyl for sleeping had hit him hard and fast. I shouted to wake him up, but he was completely passed out. Terrified, I jumped onto the bed. As I held his head up by his hair, he had chicken soup and noodles all over his face. I started to clean his throat, literally pulling out chunks of food."
It was finally in 1976 that Linda knew she needed to leave Elvis when she realized his problems were beyond her. The memoir also gives details about the day Elvis died, eight months following Linda having broke up with him, at the age of 42. Thompson refers to Lisa Marie in the memoir as the one who called her to tell her of the death. Lisa Marie was only 9-years-old. Linda shares Lisa Marie's words as she told her of her father's death.
"My daddy's dead!"
The addictions ran deep for Elvis, as they seem to for his only daughter, Lisa Marie.

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