'Pete's Dragon' After-Credits Scene: Is It Worth Waiting To The End Of The Latest Disney Movie?

Pete's Dragon is hitting theaters this weekend, and families taking their kids to the Disney remake will want to know if there's an after-credits scene that justifies sitting through the five or so minutes of credits.

The after-credits scene is a must in the superhero genre and often included in comedies, but family movies often skip the final scene hidden after all the credits have ended. That was the case with Ice Age: Collision Course, which had an extra bit during the credits but nothing afterward, though Finding Dory did have an adorable added scene at the end of the credits.

So, does Pete's Dragon have a scene after all the credits have ended? According to a review from SheKnows, the answer is no. The review added some age guidelines for the movie and a heads-up on the ending.

"Iffy for some toddlers, but perfect for elementary school-age kids, especially ones who love fantasy. There is a car crash in the opening scene that's a little scary.

"There are no extra scenes after the credits."

But while there's nothing extra at the end of Pete's Dragon, those who make it out to the Disney remake may be seeing one of the surprise movies of the year. New York Post movie reviewer Kyle Smith called it "one of the best films of the year."

"The script, by Lowery and Toby Halbrooks, uses the device of a children's book that Pete reads to connect the boy's previous life with his parents to his forest interlude to his future, creating a soothing emotional undercurrent that makes the film as a whole a kind of extended metaphor for growing up," Smith wrote. "There's the family you are born into but must someday let go of, the one you painstakingly build for yourself as an adult, and in between a lot of impulse-control problems. Who hasn't had that period of insisting that we're unlike anyone else, having crazy hair and running around screaming in the wild? Most of us call it adolescence."

The remake of the 1977 Disney classic could potentially draw a big crowd this weekend. As the lone family film opening against the raunchy R-rated comedy Sausage Party and the expected staying power of Suicide Squad, there is the chance that Pete's Dragon could grab a big share of moviegoers looking for a lighter fare.

Though the movie doesn't have any Thursday-night openings as the studio didn't want to compete with the Olympics and figured not many families would make it out to the late-night showings, it's still expected to compete for second-place this week. Deadline noted that the movie is showing in 3,702 screens -- which includes close to 3,000 3D locations.

The outlet predicted that Pete's Dragon would finish with about $20 million in its opening weekend, finishing just behind Sausage Party. Other predictions had the two movies flipped, with Pete's Dragon in second place.

While there may be no after-credits scene in Pete's Dragon, there is a bit of extra excitement beyond the movie itself. Disney is offering a free Dragon Spotting game in the style of Pokemon GO. The game takes users through a series of animated maps and allows them to find hidden dragons in their surroundings.

TechCrunch noted that the game is a "nice little homage to the mix of live action and cell animation in the original" movie and a way for Disney to further promote the movie. Users are able to take screen shots of their findings in the game and share them on social media.

But with no after-credits scene in Pete's Dragon, there is at least one advantage for moviegoers -- they can save a few minutes and get the kids out to the car as soon as the credits start to roll.

[Image via Disney]