Grown Man Shames Breastfeeding Mom At Public Pool, Gets Reprimanded By His Elderly Mother

When a grown man chose to ridicule a woman for breastfeeding her child at a public pool, his mother lashed back at him with a few choice words of her own.

According to People Magazine, Tanja Krstic Radusinovic was recently visiting a public pool with her 9-month-old son when he became hungry. Like a lot of breastfeeding mothers, Tanja didn't hesitate to feed her child, even though there were other people around, and she even used a towel to cover her son as he breastfed. She never thought she would be publicly shamed by a grown man.


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In a now-viral Facebook post, shared by the group "Breastfeeding Mama Talk," Tanja recalled the breastfeeding incident in detail.

"We're at the pool and I'm nursing my son to sleep, under towels so he doesn't get distracted," she wrote. "He is fighting it but almost out and this guy, maybe in his 40s comes to me and says 'excuse me, are you breastfeeding your baby?' I say 'yes?' and he looks at me all serious and mumbles 'I don't think you should be doing THAT here.'"

Radusinovic, a mother of three who lives in Las Vegas, was instantly enraged and was prepared to give the man a piece of her mind, but before she could, the man's mother did it for her.

"Omg. I was about to stand up and punch him in his testicles but his mother stands up right behind him- she's in her 70s, small skinny woman- and she was furious," Radusinovic continued.

"She was like 'WHAT DID YOU TELL TO THAT MOTHER, KEVIN?!' And he was about to repeat it when she exploded- 'what the f***, Kevin?! I had no idea I raised you like that, Kevin!! I am not talking to you until you apologize!! I breastfed you until you were 18 f****** months, Kevin!'

And he says 'But you never told me that, mom!' Then she explodes again 'WHAT'S THERE TO TALK ABOUT, it is F****** NORMAL, Kevin!'"

Radusinovic concluded her post by offering her sympathy for Kevin.

"Then Kevin apologized. It's been 15 minutes and she is still not talking to him. Now I feel bad for him."

Since the post was shared on Facebook on Thursday, August 4, it has been shared more than 8,000 times and liked nearly 25,000 times. While speaking to People, Radusinovic explained why she thinks the post went viral so quickly.

"Too many moms have been shamed for breastfeeding," she said. "Most of my friends are breastfeeding moms, so I guess they saw themselves in it because they've had similar experiences – they've had people telling them to cover up or leave the area. Once I posted it, everyone just went nuts and kept sharing it all over Facebook and Instagram and everywhere."

Tanja also has a message for others about shaming breastfeeding women in public.

"Leave moms alone!" she said. "It's normal. I can't believe that grown-up men – and women – would be offended by a baby eating. If I were bottle feeding, that would never have happened."

Another woman, Eliany Johnson, experienced a similar incident last week while visiting a public Kentucky pool. While she was breastfeeding her child, two employees approached her and asked her to cover herself up. Johnson was shocked and called the incident "embarrassing and demeaning," KWWL reports.

"I've ate at several different restaurants and I have breast-fed my baby at several different restaurants and nobody has ever said anything to me about it... but the one day that I decide to go to the pool where there's females wearing two piece bathing suits all exposed, they have a problem with it and I didn't understand that," she said.

In a response to the incident, the pool said they have a separate area for mothers to breastfeed their children.

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