‘Scream’ Spoilers Season 2 Episode 12: 'When A Stranger Calls' [Video]

Scream Season 2 on MTV has reached its finale, and next week, fans may or may not get the identity of their killer, but they will be thoroughly shocked to see what happens next on Episode 12, titled "When a Stranger Calls," according to TV Guide. Although Scream is notorious for letting the cat out of the bag at the end of their seasons or films, this year might be the first time that the Scream franchise will feature a cliffhanger that is comparable to the proportions of The Walking Dead, given that is all the rage these days in horror TV.

For those of you who have been watching Scream all season trying to figure out who the killer is, maybe you should have been analyzing the other side of the argument. Because to find out who the killer is in Scream would mean that you would have to make a list of people who are not the killer, or in other words, narrow down your list of potential victims.

There was a news flash for Scream fans a couple of episodes ago to find out that the crazy psychology teacher lady was not the Scream killer (or was she). Scream fans have also been able to rule out Audrey, well mostly. We know Jake's not coming back from the dead again on Scream. We've already seen Piper once this season and there is not a good chance that she is going to be the supernatural Scream killer.

But the better way to find out who a killer is in the Scream franchise is to point out the person you least suspect and then look at his/her closest relative, which narrows it down absolutely none.

Before we get too deep into what is going to happen in the Season 2 finale of Scream, let's just take a moment and step back to see what has happened thus far to get us to where we are at right now. This is the part of the article where we feel compelled to warn you that there are major SPOILERS coming up for the previous episodes of Scream, which includes the episode that aired last week on MTV.

Now that you are still with us, let's discuss the events leading up until now on Scream. First of all, there is still a rift between Audrey and Emma, but it seems to have been put to the side for the moment. The two girls are doing their best to work together and find some sort of logical conclusion to all of this bloody murdering on Scream, like all teenagers might do.The last episode of Scream did indeed feature some really scary moments and at the beginning when the Scream killer was creeping in Emma's room, well, that was enough to run a big chill up someone's back. But the Scream killer was playing with Emma, again.
Fast forward to Noah in the hospital recovering from his stab wound and a broken heart, the gang gets together and figures that the best way to beat the killer at his own game is not to play it at all, or at least the situation seemed to say that. Noah sends them to his house to wipe his room clean of the murder memorabilia and they all oblige. But when Kieran finds the old notes between Piper and Audrey (not in Noah's room), that's when things got strange.Meanwhile, Mr. Mayor on Scream is busy getting blackmailed and he shows up like a puppet, just like the Scream killer likes them. Needless to say, Mr. Mayor is dead and Emma and Audrey are on the hook for his murder.

So in the next episode of Scream, Emma and Audrey work together to turn the tables on the Scream killer. Instead of playing his/her game, they lure the Scream killer in to their own game and the hunter could become the hunted. There will also be one last party favor leftover from Piper, and it will be a big one.

[Image via MTV]