‘The Great Indoors’ CBS Comedy Show Gets Attacked By Millennial Media [Video]

The Great Indoors is a comedy TV show coming to CBS this fall, and there has been some major backlash from millennials working in the media, especially today at the TCA Press Tour. The heat got turned up when the subject matter of The Great Indoors was talked about and millennials took great offense to what was being presented for the CBS show.

The first thing that fans need to know is that The Great Indoors is a comedy series starring Joel McHale in the lead role as an “adventure” reporter, according to Deadline. That should be enough to tell you right away the series is poised to bring in some major laughs and may even be the kind that The Great Indoors is primed to offend some of the younger generations of millennials.

In The Great Indoors, Joel McHale’s character takes charge of the digital department that is packed full of a group of young millennials at their respective magazine. The show seems to portray millennials as too coddled and makes fun of their inability to make progress in the world, to some degree.

But the Millennial Media group was not too pleased with what The Great Indoors was about and they seemed to take immediate issue with the subject matter of the show while executive producer Mike Gibbons was talking about it. The group also chimed in when Gibbons portrayed the show as a comedy series that seeks to show how millennials are coddled, sensitive, and thin-skinned.

“I’m a millennial myself,” a female member of the Millennial Media group said. “How are we so coddled, and what about our overly politically correct workplace bothers you?”

The lady seemed to portray her comment as an offensive snark at Gibbons, as if she were attempting to degrade him.

“So, you were offended by millennials being portrayed as too sensitive,” Gibbons said.

Joel McHale’s co-star in The Great Indoors, Stephen Fry, portrays the founder of the The Great Indoors magazine in the show, and his character is also an adventurous kind of guy, or a “world traveler.” Fry was quick to jump in and tell the Millennial Media group that “coddling” was indeed present in the show and “an element in which you have it tougher than the generation before.”

Stephen Fry seemed to be attempting to balance the scales for those who might be offended by The Great Indoors by giving them a clear representation of what the comedy series would do, which was in no uncertain terms be an equal-opportunity offender.

Another member of the Millennial Media retorted back at Fry’s comment with “Yeah, no s**t.” It was obvious they did not want Fry to answer their question, they wanted Gibbons to answer it.

“Millennials are very smart, and we have that in the show in spades, and they have a voice and that’s great,” Gibbons said. “[But millennials have an] inability to resist taking four photos of themselves a day. They will come back if it’s about them.”

Gibbons seemed to be really primed to add insult to injury with the Millennial Media group by saying that The Great Indoors is intended to “make America great again.” Of course, he got he reaction that he likely expected.

“So you are the Trump show?” a reporter asked him. “I’m just seeking clarification.”

Joel McHale finally broke his silence and chimed in on the theme for The Great Indoors, saying that if the show is offensive to millennials, then they have built what appeared to be a winning strategy moving forward for it. Of course, that is something that seems to have worked well with Donald Trump during his bid for the presidency and staying at the top of the media talking points for over a year now.

Take a look at a preview for The Great Indoors below.


[Image via CBS]