11 Crazy 'Pokemon GO' Stories You Won't Believe Actually Happened

Pokemon Go is the name of a virtual reality smartphone gaming application that has been sweeping the nation since its debut. If you don't play the virtual reality game yourself, chances are pretty good you know someone who does. Since the release of Pokemon GO, media outlets have reported on stories involving the virtual reality game again and again. In fact, here are the good, the bad, and the ugly stories involving Pokemon GO that you won't believe actually happened.

1. Shootings

Jerson Lopez de Leon, 18 years old, was the first reported fatality while playing Pokemon GO, according to the Daily Mirror. The 18-year-old died after breaking into a home with his cousin in Guatemala in an attempt to catch a Pokemon.

A 19-year-old and his 16-year-old friend were shot at in Palm Coast, Florida, while sitting in their car outside of a house, USA Today reported. According to the owner of the house who fired the gun, he came outside to see the car sitting in front of his home when he heard one of the males in the vehicle say, "did you get anything?" The homeowner claims he stepped in front of the vehicle with his gun and told the boys not to move. The car accelerated towards him and he jumped out of the way and fired several shots at the vehicle as it drove off. The boys in the vehicle claim they were discussing whether or not they caught the Pokemon and drove off after the shots were fired.

2. Man Falls In Water While Playing

Time and time again Pokemon GO players have been urged to take caution while playing the game. While playing Pokemon GO in the dead of night (which likely didn't help), this player was so unaware of his surroundings he went right into the water.

3. Woman Caught Her Boyfriend Cheating

The New York Post reports that a woman was able to catch her boyfriend cheating thanks to Pokemon GO. Evan Scribner made the mistake of playing the virtual reality game after he finished spending intimate time with his ex-girlfriend.

4. Husband Catches Pokemon While Wife Delivers Baby

Pokemon Go While Giving Birth
[Image via Reddit]A Reddit user shared a picture of his wife delivering their baby when a wild Pokemon appeared. The picture the user shared on Reddit got pretty mixed feedback. Some users felt it was insensitive while others felt the wife should understand the need to catch the wild Pokemon.

5. Thieves Used Pokemon GO To Rob People

According to USA Today, four suspects were arrested in Missouri for using a PokeStop to lure in Pokemon Go players in order to rub them at gun point. These four suspects were believed to have committed at least 11 robberies before they were captured.

6. Pokemon GO Is Exhausting People

Social media is exploding with Pokemon GO players complaining about how exhausted they are after playing the game.

7. Pokemon GO Sends Players To Strange Places
One Twitter user reveals a PokeStop located at a strip club.
A second Twitter user reveals a Pokemon Gym located at a gravestone.

8. Professional Pokemon Trainers Have Emerged

Professional Pokemon trainers have started to offer their services. One girl took to Craigslist to offer her services in one- to four-hour shifts for $20 an hour. The girl claimed to be a Pokemon enthusiast and would be happy to give you hourly updates on her progress regarding your Pokemon GO account.

9. Pokemon GO Players Kayak To The Ocean To Win A Gym

10. Animal Shelter Uses Pokemon GO To Recruit Dog Walkers


An animal shelter in the state of Indiana has used Pokemon GO to recruit volunteer dog walkers. The logic behind the shelter's request makes sense – if you are already walking around playing the game, why not take a dog with you?

11. A Pokemon GO Player Discovered A Dead Body

A teenager from Wyoming discovered much more than just a Pokemon while playing this virtual reality game. According to KTVQ, the 19-year-old found a body floating in Wind River while hunting for Pokemon.

As you can see, Pokemon GO players will do just about anything to catch a Pokemon.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]