'The Walking Dead' Spoilers: Negan's Backstory Will Be Revealed In Season 7

The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere is inching closer, and fans are starting to find out what they can expect when the new episodes start airing in October.

According to Cleveland.com, Negan will be a huge part of Season 7, and viewers will actually get to find out about the new super villain's past.

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who made his debut as Negan in the Walking Dead Season 6 finale, recently revealed that fans are about to find out what makes Negan tick. The backstory will seemingly come early in Season 7, and viewers can't wait to see it.

"We'll find out how Negan has come to be who he is. We're going to get some backstory very quickly on how the Saviors operate and how Negan operates."
The Walking Dead spoilers: Who will Negan kill in Season 7?
[Photo by Gene Page/AMC]Meanwhile, a lot of Negan's backstory will likely coincide with The Walking Dead comic book companion about the new big bad's origins. In the comic, Negan is mean spirited gym teacher who likes to cheat on his wife. However, when his wife gets cancer, he stops his cheating ways and sits vigil at her hospital bedside. It's there that Negan sees the zombie apocalypse happen.

The Walking Dead comic also reveals that Negan's wife died in the hospital room, and that her name is Lucille. If that sounds familiar, it is because Lucille is also the name of Negan's weapon of choice, a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.

It is with that bat that Negan claims his first on-screen victim. During the shocking Season 6 finale, Negan makes Rick and his group line up in front of him as chooses one member of the group to kill as punishment for the trouble that the group has caused him. Fans don't get to see who Negan picks, and the show ends in one of the biggest TV cliffhangers of all time.

Unfortunately, it looks like the character of Glenn Rhee, who dies at the hands of Negan in the comic book series, will be the one who is killed on the show as well. Walking Dead spoilers have been running wild for months that Glenn will be Negan's unlucky victim, and that actor Steven Yeun has only filmed one episode of Season 7.

However, many Walking Dead theorists also claim that Negan will take another life in the Season 7 premiere. While any member of the group including, Maggie, Rosita, Daryl, Aaron, Eugene, Michonne, Carl, or Rick, could be at risk for death, all signs are pointing to Abraham also losing his life in the premiere.

The Walking Dead Season 7: Who will die in the mid-season finale?
[Photo by Gene Page/AMC]So it seems that fans could lose two beloved characters when the hit zombie series returns to AMC this fall. However, one person that isn't going anywhere is the newest character, Negan. Negan, who is already the villain that fans love to hate, is still alive and well in the comic book series, and it appears that he could be in it for the long haul, unlike other Walking Dead bad guys such as The Governor.

Meanwhile, Negan's premiere victims are probably not the only characters that fans will be forced to say goodbye to in Season 7. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the show recently filmed the mid-season finale for the Season 7, and it appears that another character will die. Rumor has it that Spencer could be the one to go, and that his body may actually be found by washing up on the shore of a beach location.

The Walking Dead is about to get even more dramatic as Season 7 approaches, and fans are both excited for, and dreading, the premiere of the new season on October 23 at 9 p.m.

[Photo by Gene Page/AMC]