Ben Affleck Headed To Rehab? ‘Suicide Squad’ Star Having A ‘Meltdown’ Over Jennifer Garner Divorce

Is Ben Affleck back to his old partying ways?

The actor was recently spotted looking in worse shape than ever at a premiere for Suicide Squad in London, leaving many questioning his state of mind.

According to Page Six, Affleck was spotted out on the town following the Suicide Squad premiere and looked like he had gone off the rails.

While a source said he was just “enjoying a night out,” the actor failed to zip up his pants and suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

The actor was ushered along the streets of London with his white dress shirt coming loose from his pants. At the same time, his belt wasn’t properly fixed to his pants, which were clearly not buttoned properly.

'Suicide Squad' cast at the London premiere. [Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images] ‘Suicide Squad’ cast at the London premiere. [Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]Daily Mail has released photos of the night, which don’t put the actor in the best of light.

Earlier that evening, Affleck walked the red carpet and appeared suave in his fitted gray suit. Apparently, something happened between the premiere and Affleck’s romp through London that caused the wardrobe malfunction.

Affleck was joined at the premiere by Jason Momoa and Henry Cavill, both of whom are set to appear alongside Affleck in the upcoming Justice League movies.

Indeed, Affleck looked nothing like Bruce Wayne after his first stint as Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Instead, he looked like someone who had clearly had too much to drink.

Despite Affleck’s drunken look, a close friend of the actor assured fans that nothing was amiss.

“He looked disheveled,” the source admitted. “That picture is outside another small after-after-party. It was very late at night. He’s not off the rails. It looked a lot worse than it was.”

Meanwhile, the debacle in London has sparked further rumors that Affleck has returned to his old partying ways.

Is Ben Affleck drinking again because of his divorce with Jennifer Garner?

According to Hof Mag, the actor is turning to alcohol because he is having trouble finalizing his divorce with Garner.

While Affleck has clearly started partying again, Garner still doesn’t want to go through with the divorce. Apparently, Affleck’s drunken showing in London is his way of telling Garner they need to finalize their split.

Jennifer Garner Ben Affleck divorce Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck [Photo by s_bukley/]Affleck’s divorce with Garner has been shrouded in mystery from the very beginning.

Although they announced their intentions to part ways over a year ago, the estranged couple still lives together in the same home and have been spotted together in public on numerous occasions.

They have even gone on vacations together and appear more than happy co-parenting together.

More recently, Affleck and Garner were seen on a romantic getaway in Paris, where eyewitnesses claim they shared a kiss.

The circumstances surrounding Affleck’s divorce has led to speculation that Garner is willing to give him a second chance. As long as Affleck changes his ways, there might be hope for their marriage.

However, considering Affleck’s actions in London, it doesn’t look like he’s ready to change anytime soon.

Of course, there could be another explanation for Affleck’s behavior.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, both Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad have suffered poor reviews since their releases.

Given Affleck’s recent success in Hollywood, two poorly-reviewed movies might be taking a toll on the actor, especially considering how he is taking up the mantel of one of the most popular superheroes of all time.

Whatever the cause, Affleck might be headed back to rehab if he has started drinking again.

This is not the first time Affleck has turned to alcohol to solve his problems. Back in 2014, Affleck started drinking while working on Gone Girl.

ben affleck batman justice league flash aquaman solo movie Ben Affleck as Batman [Image via Warner Bros.]Unfortunately, neither Affleck nor Garner have addressed the rumors of the actor’s drinking problem.

Suicide Squad is currently out in theaters. Affleck reprises his role as Batman in Justice League, which hits theaters on November 17, 2017. Check out the first teaser trailer below.

Tell us! Do you think Ben Affleck needs rehab? Or was he just out for a fun night on the town celebrating his new movie? Let us know in the comments.

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