‘The Spy Who Loved Me,’ ‘Golden Eye’ Finally Hit Blu-Ray In ‘Bond 50’ Collection

The Spy Who Loved Me James Bond

The Spy Who Loved Me, Golden Eye, and A View to a Kill are among the titles making their Blu-ray debut in Bond 50: The Complete 22 Film Collection, according to The 330. The set, which is scheduled to hit retail shelves on September 25, has a list price of around $300. However, certain online retailers are offering a fairly deep discount on the item during its launch.

Unfortunately for those who are interested in picking up the titles individually, the James Bond films making their Blu-ray debut will only be available in the aforementioned collection. If you’re only looking to purchase The Spy Who Loved Me, you’ll have to shell out a large chunk of change for the entire set. At some point down the road, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if these titles were offered separately.

In addition to The Spy Who Loved Me, Golden Eye, and A View to A Kill, the Bond 50 collection features the Blu-ray debut of Octopussy, You Only Live Twice, The Living Daylights, Tomorrow Never Dies, Diamonds Are Forever, A View to a Kill and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

The set also features over 130 hours of bonus features specifically designed to appeal to the hardest of hardcore James Bond fanatics. In a marketing decision that borderlines on brilliance, the set has an open slot for the inevitable Skyfall Blu-ray. I can think of several box sets that could have benefited greatly from such a feature.

Bond aficionados will be particularly excited about the documentary Being Bond, which is described as follows:

“In the franchise’s 50-year run, six distinguished actors have taken on the part and secured a spot in cinematic history. Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig each reflect on the impact and importance of taking on such a famous role. With this piece, gain insight into what each actor brought to the character and discover how they shaped the world’s most timeless secret agent.”

Fans of Golden Eye, The Spy Who Loved Me, and Octopussy will have cause for celebration when Bond 50: The Complete 22 Film Collection arrives this Tuesday (September 25). Are you a fan of the James Bond franchise?