Harry Styles Loses Out To Niall Horan? Meghan Trainor Reveals Her Latest Crush

Harry Styles is nearly always a winner. He's tremendously successful in everything he does. Harry is an amazing singer, songwriter, and actor. Styles certainly isn't accustomed to coming in second or playing second fiddle to anyone, even fellow One Direction singer Niall Horan.

However, Meghan Trainor had a revelation for We Love Pop Magazine that casts things in a bit of a different light. Harry is no longer Meghan's favorite One Direction singer according to Sugarscape. Trainor still likes Styles, but Niall is ever so much more gentlemanly, according to a freshly swept-off-her-feet Miss Trainor.

It seems Niall Horan has bumped into the "All About That Bass" singer and usurped Meghan's adoration from Harry in just one conversation. Niall is now just the sweetest thing ever in Meghan's opinion.

Harry Styles has a long history with Miss Trainor, having written a couple of songs with her. While their relationship was strictly professional, she admits that she was crushing on Styles for quite a while.

Meghan Trainor by Larry Busacca c
Meghan Trainor [Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]Now, Meghan Trainor has been quoted in Sugarscape, admitting that she thinks Niall is charming. Her wonderful sense of humor is obvious in her conversation about the chance meeting with Horan. It seems they just bumped into each other at some event and apparently really hit it off.
"All the other boys walked by and he [Niall Horan] came up to me and I got swept off my feet by his Irish charm. I like normal people. I like, funny, normal, nice people."
Harry Styles, of course, has been very busy anyway between making the movie Dunkirk and perhaps starting to fulfill his recording contract obligations. Styles has promised to produce three albums for Columbia Records so he will get started on that soon if he hasn't already.

Meghan Trainor continued to talk about Niall, in an explanation that reveals her personal tastes and values. It is well known that Meghan is a really nice, no-nonsense kind of girl and obviously of good moral character.

"One Direction, give me the blonde one. He's a gentleman."
One Direction [Photo by Rick Kern/Getty Images]
One Direction [Photo by Rick Kern/Getty Images]Niall Horan, of course, is the only blond in the group. His is fair-haired and very fair-skinned as well. His fluffy, puffy upswept locks often seem to defy gravity. However, it isn't his wild blond hair that impressed Meghan, it was his polite demeanor. Apparently, manners do matter, at least to Meghan Trainor.
"I like guys that are really nice, a gentleman. If you can chill with my bros and my family, you are in."
Harry Styles is of course very polite as well, so apparently, Horan must have really made a powerful impression. With the One Direction singers still on a break, they are almost never seen out together anyway. Comparing them is becoming increasingly hard as they branch off into the direction of their choosing. The boys are taking plenty of time to explore their other interests.

Will Meghan Trainor be one of Niall Horan's next interests? Maybe? Miss Trainor seemed to be content just crushing on Horan, at least for the moment.

What About Harry Styles, though? Trainor had previously hinted she had a bit of a thing for Harry, but overall their relationship was more professional and it was his talent she was admiring more than anything else. Megan was quoted in Unreality TV explaining how she felt about her writing sessions with Styles.

"He's an incredible writer. I was worried he'd just be a 20-year-old boy. So I walked in with a prepared verse and chorus. But he gave me very poetic, mature lyrics. I was like, 'Well, damn, Harry, you know what love is.'"
Though Harry Styles may have lost out to Niall Horan as Meghan Trainor's biggest One Direction crush, he still has her professional respect.

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