Beyoncé Goes Jet-Skiing In A Sparkling Jumpsuit, Her 182 Outfits Revealed

beyonce goes jet skiing in a sparkling jumpsuit her 182 outfits revealed

Beyoncé goes jet-skiing with hubby Jay Z while on break from the European leg of her world-famous Formation tour according to E! News. However, it seems that the superstar forgot to change to the proper attire. Jay Z looked every inch the suave jet-skier, as he was snapped by the cameras wearing swimming trunks and a rash guard.

The source hypothesizes that Queen Bey probably couldn’t be bothered with changing to a swimsuit. After all, she still looked stunning wearing a floor-length jumpsuit that glittered under the Italian sun. BeyHives should be relieved to know that both Beyoncé and Jay Z wore proper protective attire such as a helmet before hitting the azure waters.

Nobody knows for sure where the power couple’s daughter, Blue Ivy, was while the two did their water sorties. Nowadays, says the source, Blue Ivy stands in as Beyoncé’s Mini-Me, being only four years old. This early on, however, it’s easy to tell that Beyoncé’s daughter will give her mom some serious competition when she’s all grown up.

Now Beyoncé has a very busy schedule, these days, which leaves her with barely time to relax with her family when she’s not performing on stage. Still, the star managed to release pictures of the White House Easter Egg Roll with President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle. The pictures, taken in spring, show just how cute Blue Ivy is.

According to Daily Mail, Beyoncé posted the pictures on her website. Blue Ivy wore a white dress with multicolored gems painted all over it, and rabbit ears to match. She also brought along a furry white ball to wrap herself around with. Her mother was a revelation.

Beyoncé wore a long-sleeved, immaculate white blouse that had a pink wrap-around lace at her midsection. The dress became increasingly lacy as it went down her lower legs. As the Carters walked through the corridors leading to the White House, the former Destiny’s Child member would wrap herself around in a striped white-and-black outer coat in a robe-like fashion.

She tagged along with her hubby, who wore a completely black getup, except for the shirt. Jay Z also had a black hoodie over his attire, which was appropriate for the spring weather. But by far, the biggest Beyoncé reveal for this week is the NY Mag photo album of the megastar’s wardrobe from 1998 to the present.

The photo album is to die for as it comprises of 182 outfits from Beyoncé’s Destiny’s Child days to her present status as a concert queen. It’s so amazing just to witness Bey’s transformation from a starlet into a full-grown star. For those who haven’t had a chance to look at the star’s fabled album yet, it’s definitely worth spending time flipping all those 182 breathtaking pages of photographs that capture Beyoncé’s fashion essence.

By the time you’re done with it, you will have an idea just what sets Beyoncé apart from all the female celebrities who just come and go. Perhaps you will realize that her fashion statement is one of the reasons for the megastar’s tremendous staying power. Whatever Beyoncé wears, from casual to rugged to formal, she just nails it. And that’s what makes her Beyoncé.

Another incredible thing with Beyoncé’s wardrobe is that although they go as far back as 1998, her clothes never seem to get dated or out of style. Of course, credit goes to all the fashion czars who have dressed her up all these years. However, she’s obviously the one choosing what to wear and what trends to go with.

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Also, with a body like Beyoncé, even the ugliest outfit will probably look splendid. As Healthy Celeb claims, the woman’s vital statistics are 35-26-39 in or 89-66-99 cm. Her bra size is 32C. Beyoncé stands 5 ft 6½ in or 169 cm. She weighs 62 kg or 137 pounds. She is classified as voluptuous, which puts her in the same league as Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor.

So you be the judge if Beyoncé isn’t a beauty queen or Miss Universe material. She’s not very tall, but Queen Bey sure packs a punch with the way she’s been carrying her outfits all these years. So be sure to take a good look at the 182-piece Beyoncé wardrobe while you can.

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