WWE News: Kofi Kingston’s Favorite New Day Moment And Interesting Booty-O’s Revelation

The seeds were planted for the formation of what would become The New Day more than two years ago. Kofi Kingston and Big E were lost in the mid-card shuffle just as Xavier Woods was trying to find footing on the WWE’s main roster. The three appeared in the ring together for the first time in July of 2014, but The New Day group didn’t emerge until that November.

Based on initial reactions following their repackaging, it seemed Kofi, Big E, and Xavier were destined to return to mediocrity in the mid-card. However, rather than give up on the gimmick, WWE officials used the weekly vitriol from the WWE Universe as fuel to turn the team heel. Eventually, the New Day got so over from an entertainment perspective that they’d have to turn babyface again a little over a year later.

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During their run with The New Day gimmick, the trio has amassed the longest tag team championship reign since the inception of the WWE Tag Team Titles, while gaining more popularity than any other team in the division during that span. It’s arguable now that The Club and Enzo & Cass are giving them a run for their money, so it’s wise that all three were drafted to RAW with the potential for several big money feuds.

Kofi Kingston is the elder statesman of the group by far, having debuted in the WWE back in 2008. Kofi’s never been able to reach main-event status with the company, but this run alongside Big E and Xavier Woods might be the best work he’s done in sports entertainment.

During an interview with Crave Online, Kofi revealed what his favorite moment has been while a member of The New Day.

“We were in the ring the other day after we had become the longest reigning WWE Tag Team champions and we did a montage of all of the stuff that we did and we didn’t see the montage until we actually went out to the ring so we got to see a compilation of all of the stuff that we did. Mixing it up with The Rock and going toe-to-toe with him was amazing! Winning at SummerSlam and coming out singing ‘New York, New York’ but having our own lyrics to it was crazy. Our time machine skit was so much fun. There was a time I told the crowd country music sucked and it was actually me and not my character saying it so that was awesome. We’ve done so much fun stuff and we forget about it. I guess if I had to put a stamp or a pentacle on what we have done so far it has to be the ‘Booty-O’s’ cereal.”

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It’s interesting that Kofi brings up the Booty-O’s cereal, which is now actually a real thing that you can actually buy. Kofi began revealing the origin of the new cereal during the interview, inadvertently shedding some light into The New Day’s careers right before the group was formed and discussing other merchandising ideas that are far from a breakfast option.

“We were thinking about a new shirt because the first one we had was just The New Day logo, which you wouldn’t know if you didn’t know what The New Day was. It was black shirt with a phoenix, which actually symbolized us rising from the ashes because we were at lower points in our careers and this whole New Day thing was going to be our resurgence. That shirt was kind of just thrust upon us. We had no input on it and I’m not sure how the sells did but the second shirt, we started picking up some steam and they came to us to come up with an idea.”

That idea, of course, ended up being Booty-O’s, which now has its own tagline, thanks to The New Day. Kofi further detailed the genesis of the creative cereal.

“Maybe we could have our own cereal or something like that and we were bouncing names back and forth and E just out of nowhere comes up with ‘Booty-O’s’ and instantly I was like ‘That’s it. We can have cartoon pictures of our faces on it.’ We get to the building and I’m trying to tell [Xavier] Woods about it and I was like ‘Woods, man, we were sitting at the table and E suggested ‘Booty-O’s’ and before I could even get it out, Woods just said ‘Oh yeah. ‘Booty-O’s: You can make it booty.’ It’s just a testament that all three of us are on the same page.”

The cereal hadn’t even been released yet, but The New Day’s Booty-O’s T-shirt and cereal box were the top-selling merchandise items during WrestleMania earlier this year. A testament to a group that was able to get over on both sides of the fence. The future, and shelf-life, is uncertain for the threesome, with an Inquisitr report detailing how their tag team title reign could come to an end at SummerSlam, leading to their eventual split. Whenever it comes to an end, however, it’s been a heck of a ride.

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