WWE News: Brock Lesnar To Challenge For WWE Universal Title At ‘Royal Rumble’?

Three weeks after the WWE Draft and the self-proclaimed new era of WWE, the SummerSlam lineup is already looking promising. Charlotte is getting her rematch against Sasha Banks for the Women’s championship. Banks defeated Charlotte on WWE Raw three weeks ago to win the strap in Pittsburgh. It’s being considered as one of the best matches of the year already, and there is still four more months to go.

The WWE Tag Team championships are on the line as the New Day defends their belts against the Club. It will be the Club’s first legitimate chance at the prestigious titles. With Big E out with a storyline injury, that immediately lessens the chance for the New Day to retain. They already set the WWE record for longest Tag Team title reign. If it were to happen at all, SummerSlam is a great place to drop the belts.

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On SmackDown Live three weeks ago, Dolph Ziggler became the No. 1 contender to Dean Ambrose’s WWE World championship. Also on SmackDown Live showcases the rematch between John Cena and AJ Styles, which both men have done a great job of promoting.

Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens are set to take on Enzo and Big Cass. Roman Reigns is getting his redemption against Rusev for the U.S. title. Apollo Crews will get his first Intercontinental shot against the Miz and Finn Balor takes on Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal title.

Among all of those great matches, WWE fans may be looking forward to Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton more at SummerSlam. Most of the matches above are easy to predict, but this one is different. It could go either way, but the best part this match is what is speculated to happen in the months to come. According to NoDQ.com, Brock Lesnar is expected to fight for the WWE Universal title at the Royal Rumble.

“The early plan for next year’s Royal Rumble event is reportedly for Brock Lesnar to challenge the holder of the WWE Universal Championship.

“Apparently, Brock Lesnar will be challenging whoever holds the title at the Royal Rumble, which is going to be pivotal to establish RAW’s biggest feuds heading into Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando.”

If this is the plan moving forward, then Lesnar is a for-sure winner at SummerSlam over Randy Orton, who is doing some of the best work of his career. While his segment at WWE Payback with Chris Jericho was a success, his true RKO Outta Nowhere is what put him over the hump with the WWE Universe. He’s always been a semi-controversial figure in the WWE, and the jump from heel to face was consistent over the years.

This time feels different, much like Jericho’s current run. It has a special type of aura surrounding it. Randy Orton is no longer the controversial figure in this feud, as it is Brock Lesnar and the negative press that has engulfed his name in the mainstream media. In an earlier report by the Inquisitr, it was rumored that WWE superstars weren’t happy with Lesnar after he was found not guilty to the WWE Wellness Policy.

Brock Lesnar Entrance With Paul Heyman
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The aftermath of the failed drug test for the UFC simply didn’t help his stock with the company. He’s already one of the most-hated part-time wrestlers in the business. Lesnar’s agenda is to come in for big matches and feuds, collect his paycheck, and go back to whatever he wants to do next. It’s either a UFC return or to go back and hunt near his home.

Lesnar is a polarizing figure in the WWE, UFC, and sports altogether. Even if fans aren’t a fan of his antics, he still brings in big money for the WWE. His match with Orton will be a must-see event, no matter the victor. It looks like Lesnar’s stock after that match won’t matter when the Royal Rumble comes around in January.

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