Kendall Jenner Dating A$AP Rocky, But Her Fans Are Not Happy And Think It’s ‘Gross’

Kendall Jenner and ASAP Rocky are together for real, but not everyone thinks that the full-on dating is a great idea. There are a lot of haters out there when it comes to a romance between Kendall and her rapper, even though the couple has given us plenty of time to get used to the idea. Twitter user Carole McPhillips got to the point and tweeted what lots of people were already feeling.

Another Kendall fan tweeted that she can do better than ASAP, who at 27-years-old is seven years older than Jenner.

Elite Daily points out that Kendall was “rumored to be hooking up” with ASAP since last February when she and Rocky were spotted together at the Jenner sisters’ PacSun launch.

Since then, the 20-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and the rapper have had a bunch of public dates, including a super romantic Paris dinner date. That’s not all. Kendall even showed up on July 24 at the NYC Panorama Music Festival to show her love for “her boy.”

Kendall’s fans refused to give up hope that she’d move on from ASAP and pick someone else. After all, as US Magazine reports, there were plenty of romantic interludes in her life along the way, including a steamy holiday with former One Direction singer Harry Styles and an “on-off fling” with Lakers star Jordan Clements.

There are some things that are just too hard to get used to, and it looks like the Kendall dating ASAP deal is one of those things. Twitter thinks the relationship is a bad idea.

Kendall doesn’t care what Twitter thinks. She’s happy with her rapper boyfriend, and when she brought ASAP to Kylie’s birthday party where, according to Teen Vogue, he looked “amazing” in a “killerdenim trucker, Kendall confirmed her fans’ worst fears. One person tweeted that she’s going to jump off a cliff now that Kendall and ASAP are together.

It’s not like the two of them just happened to be at Kylie’s birthday together either. They got super into some PDA in a way that answered all the questions about their dating status. That wasn’t the first time for the PDA between the couple either. They’d already been spotted getting “flirty” on a NYC date a few days earlier.

Hollywood Life reported at the time that ASAP kept sweeping Kendall’s hair off her face, and an eyewitness confirmed the flirting.

“They were coupled up at the restaurant. . . hugging, flirting and acting like a couple. His friend said that was his girl.”

No one is sure whether it was Kendall, ASAP, or both of them who decided that Kylie’s birthday party was too public for them, but long before Kylie called it a night, her sis and Rocky “snuck out the back door together.” That disappearing act fueled the dating rumors like nothing else.

Mixed in with the dislikes are a few who are totally in favor of Kendall’s choice. A Jenner insider said that Kendall and Rocky have a lot “in common” because “they are both major players.” Jenner has worked with some “high-end designers like J.W. Anderson and Guess,” and the insider said that’s part of why she and ASAP are a good match.

“They have lots to talk about!”

With a few exceptions, Twitter remains unconvinced.

One of the few people who seem to like the idea of a “KendAP” relationship didn’t have much to say but added some dancer emoticons to show her excitement.

Most of Jenner’s online friends are telling it like it is and not pulling any punches. They are genuinely upset and think the reality star can do way better.

One tweeter said that Kendall and ASAP together is just gross.

Kendall and ASAP are “the real deal” though, so anyone who intends to stick around in the Kendall club will have to get used to the new Jenner romance.

What do you think? Is ASAP Rocky the right boyfriend for Kendall or should Kylie’s big sister take some more time to find her soulmate?

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