Tyga Arrested? Kylie Jenner’s Sisters And The Kardashian Family Are Reportedly Worried He’ll Damage Their Brand

tyga arrest warrant

A warrant for Tyga’s arrest was issued earlier this week, and according to a new report, girlfriend Kylie Jenner’s family isn’t at all happy.

Following news of Tyga’s possible arrest, members of Jenner’s family contacted the rapper and “railed on him” for being irresponsible and skipping a scheduled appearance in court.

“They told [Tyga] it would be a disaster if he was driving with Kylie and got pulled over by cops and then arrested,” sources close to the situation revealed to TMZ on August 10. “The Kardashians don’t want this kind of street cred because they think it messes with the heart of their brand.”

While Tyga could have made his court appearance, he is reportedly out of the country at the present time and is enjoying a vacation in Turks and Caicos in celebration of his girlfriend’s 19th birthday.

Earlier this week, an arrest warrant was issued after Tyga failed to show up for a hearing in regard to his outstanding balance with a former landlord. According to the report, Tyga rented a home in Malibu, California, but he still owes a whopping $480,000 in back rent and damage. Tuesday’s trial was scheduled in order for the landlord’s lawyer to attempt to find out where Tyga was hiding his money.

In the past, Tyga has been accused of failing to pay for multiple homes and has also been in jeopardy of having his car repossessed. Still, Kylie Jenner has stuck by him, and according to a source, she may be preparing to get him out of trouble with his former Malibu landlord.

“Things are so on the up and up with Kylie [Jenner] and Tyga it’s not even funny. She loves that man so much and doesn’t want to see him in any trouble, let alone the inside of a jail cell. Kylie’s got stupid money. She’s probably got about half a million tucked in the cushions of her couch. She’s really considering paying Tyga’s debt because she loves him. It’s not about the money. She genuinely wants to help him so that he can focus on his career and not have so much stuff looming over his head. She’s his girl and wants to ride for him and have his back through the ups and downs. That’s what girlfriends do and Kylie wants those stripes,” a source explained to Hollywood Life on August 9.

Just days ago, prior to her August 10 birthday, Tyga surprised Kylie Jenner with a $190,000 Mercedes-Benz Maybach, which seems a bit odd considering he owes nearly $500,000 for his Malibu rental.

“Kylie’s birthday is tomorrow (August 10) and she wants to celebrate and spend the day wth Tyga. They’ve discussed a few plans and she couldn’t imagine turning 19 without kissing her dude. The thought of him behind bars on her birthday kills her,” the source added.

Kylie Jenner and Tyga went through tough times earlier this year and parted ways in May. However, after spending time with other people, including PartyNextDoor and Demi Rose Mawby, they opted to give their relationship another shot. In July, Jenner debuted a massive diamond ring on her engagement finger, which quickly sparked rumors of a future wedding.

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[Photo by Araya Diaz/Getty Images]