Are Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston Cooling Off? There May Be No Engagement

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston appeared to be on the fast track to an engagement just weeks ago, but now, the pair appears to be cooling off.

Although Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are still dating, a source has shot down reports claiming Taylor Swift has been pressuring the actor to propose.

On August 8, The Hollywood Gossip shared an Us Weekly report regarding the romance between Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston, claiming the actor was “ready” to get down on one knee after discussing the possibility of starting a family together.

According to the report, Taylor Swift experienced a sudden urge to become engaged after watching her best friend from high school, Abigail Anderson, get engaged to her photographer boyfriend, Matt Lucier.

Anderson’s upcoming wedding “has amped up Taylor’s own desire to get married,” a source told Life & Style this week. However, contradictory to Us Weekly‘s report, the source claimed Hiddleston isn’t ready to take the next step — and even turned down a wedding invite.

“Tom knows he’ll be under a microscope at the wedding and that it will be intense pressure,” said a source allegedly close to the actor and his girlfriend. “Tom told her Abigail’s wedding is too far in the future for him to commit to going.”

Another report, via Celebrity Dirty Laundry, claimed Taylor Swift was “desperate” and “pressuring” Tom Hiddleston to propose in order to confirm to her fans and critics that she and Hiddleston are the real deal. Because Taylor Swift’s split from Calvin Harris and quick move to Tom Hiddleston made such waves in the press, Swift reportedly feels the need to assure everyone that she and Hiddleston are quite serious. The outlet even claimed that Hiddleston wanted out of the relationship and that a breakup would be coming soon.

In response to Celebrity Dirty Laundry‘s revelations, a source close to the situation spoke to Gossip Cop, confirming the report was all “lies.”

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston began dating one another in June, just a couple of weeks after Swift ended her 15-month relationship with Calvin Harris, and right away they began spending tons of time together. In fact, they were rarely seen without one another for the first several weeks of their romance. Now, however, things appear to be quite different.

At the end of last month, Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston traveled to Los Angeles where they spent time at Swift’s Beverly Hills home and enjoyed a dinner date at Santa Monica’s Hillstone restaurant. Then, the couple parted ways as Taylor Swift headed to New York City and Tom Hiddleston returned to Australia to film Thor 3.

“Tom and Taylor are 100 percent still an item,” an insider confirmed to The Sun, via a report by the Daily Mail on August 10. “They are both focusing on work at the moment but will be back in each other’s company again soon.”

“Taylor and Tom are completely fine. They are enjoying the break from each other but are always talking and send each other messages throughout the day,” another source told Hollywood Life. “Plus with them being apart the absence is definitely making the heart grow fonder. They really are seeing that their relationship is strong because they are thinking of each other a lot while they are away from each other. Everything is really cool with them right now.”

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