‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’ Star Milla Jovovich Sends Alice Home In Explosive First Look [Video]

The Resident Evil franchise will come to a close with The Final Chapter and actress Milla Jovovich is ready to hang up her weapons in the series of video game adaptation films, but if the first teaser is any indication, Milla and Alice are going out with a big bang, or many of them. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter once again unites Jovovich with her husband and director, Paul W.S. Anderson, but the film also introduces their 8-year-old daughter, Ever, as The Red Queen. Together, the trio completes a cast of new characters and returning favorites for one last ride through Raccoon City.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Sends Alice Home

Screen Gems has dropped the first teaser for the final film in the Resident Evil franchise and, as IGN points out in their sharing of the video, the film’s plot takes place on the heels of the events of 2012’s Resident Evil: Retribution. Milla Jovovich reprises her Alice character, and when The Final Chapter opens, she is presumed to be the only living human in the aftermath of what had once been thought to have been mankind’s last stand against the undead. As Jovovich’s heroine makes her way back to Raccoon City and ultimately down into Umbrella Corporation’s subterranean hive, she meets up with old friends willing to join her in this final fight.

The team faces armies of undead and mutant monsters, as well s Alice’s nemesis, Albert Wesker (Shawn Walker), in an attempt to save mankind from Umbrella’s plan of doom for the entire human race. Certainly a compelling plot for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, but one has to wonder why Umbrella Corporation is so set on eliminating their entire customer base. Seems like a poor business model.

Ruby Rose joins the cast of this last Resident Evil film, which also brings back Ali Larter as Claire Redfield.

Milla Jovovich Hosts A Live Chat For Resident Evil Fans

In reporting on Milla’s recent Facebook chat with Resident Evil fans, Entertainment Weekly shared the news that Alice will face off against another familiar character, one who hasn’t made an appearance since 2002’s Resident Evil. The Red Queen is a holographic representation of the computer controlling Umbrella’s hive and, as such, she doesn’t age, but the same can’t be said of the original Red Queen actress, Michaela Dicker. To pick up the mantel from Ms. Dicker, Jovovich and husband Anderson brought in their daughter, Ever.

While Ever is new to acting, she clearly had the support of her family in portraying the Red Queen, which was made clear to Facebook users, when Ever chimed in on Jovovich’s live chat. The 8-year-old Resident Evil: The Final Chapter actress wanted to know what mom thought of working with her on the film.

“It was so amazing to work with you. You are [an] unbelievably talented actress, more talented than I’ve ever been. It was an honor and a privilege to work with you,” Milla responded to her daughter’s question. “You’re such a great listener and you understand what it is to be real and natural and organic, and I give you so much kudos for that… you keep impressing me every single day.”

While the Resident Evil film franchise is coming to a close with the appropriately titled Final Chapter, the video game franchise is still going strong, with owner Capcom always looking for ways to reinvigorate interest in the Resident Evil games. The issue came up in Milla’s chat, when one user asked if Jovovich had any interest in voicing Alice for future games.

“Listen, that’s not a me question. That’s more a Capcom question, but I would love to,” Ms. Jovovich said. “When I first did Resident Evil, I was just a big fan of the game… I always wanted to play a video game character… I would love to see Alice kick butt on people’s personal computers. Let’s do it! If enough people write in, maybe they’ll do it.”

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, starring Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, and Ruby Rose, will hit theaters on January 27, 2017.

[Image by Screen Gems]