Spice Girls Reunion Will Happen But It Might Only Feature Three Original Members, ‘Wannabe’ Remake A Hit For Female Empowerment

Spice Girls fans are excited with the news of a possible reunion concert with all the band members coming together to perform. However, the tentative reunion will only be possible if Victoria Beckham positively supports the efforts to get together with her former band members. According to Hollywood Life, Victoria Beckham is willing to perform in the reunion only if she receives the consensus of her children.

An insider has revealed that Victoria is wary of the reunion, as she is reluctant to be reincarnated as “Posh Spice” for the concert. Apart from Victoria, it seems that all of the other four Spice Girls members are keen to recognize that it has been 20 years since “Wannabe,” their hit number, left an impact on the music industry.

Prior to the success of “Wannabe,” it seemed that it was only boy bands that were influential in the music industry in the early 1990s. However, the Spice Girls were the all-female group that went on to become the best-selling girl group.

The Spice Girls disbanded in 2012, and many of the band members went on to pursue solo careers, with some even achieving pop-icon status in their own rights. However, Victoria Beckham moved on to become a successful businessperson in the world of fashion design. Currently, Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, and Mel B have shown their willingness to regroup for the concert. In fact, the three of them have decided that they will perform in the reunion concert under the “GEM” acronym if Victoria Beckham and Melanie Chisholm fail to join the group.

Apart from Spice Girls fans, the 20th anniversary of the debut of “Wannabe” will also be commemorated by celebrity performers across the globe who will sing the song’s remake with the aim of promoting women empowerment. The celebrities are participating in a campaign that is a part of “Project Everyone,” a United Nations campaign that aims to bring together various independent and corporate groups to pursue U.N. Global Goals. The video that promotes modern day girl power will feature English girl band M.O., Taylor Hatala, Larsen Thompson, Gigi Lamayne, Monoea, Sey Shay, and Jacquelin Fernandez.

The video, based on the Spice Girls hit number “Wannabe,” shows the celebrities dancing in front of signs and paintings that reflect some of their goals. The video has already been uploaded on YouTube and encourages girls and women across the globe to voice their opinions and take note of the things they want to change in society for the betterment of women. SAWA, the global cinema advertising association, will be distributing the videos in movie theaters around the world.

According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, M. J. Delaney, the video’s director, spoke about the unfathomable impact of the Spice Girls on the United Nations campaign for women’s empowerment.

“The Spice Girls were about a group of different women joining together and being stronger through that bond. These differences are what we want to celebrate in this film, while showing there are some universal things that all girls, everywhere, really, really want.”

Victoria Beckham, Mel C, and Emma Bunton have posted the video on their individual Twitter accounts and have each taken the opportunity to express their gratitude for those who thought to use their iconic song “Wannabe” for a noble cause.

The Spice Girls phenomenon has also be celebrated by the BBC who released an exclusive documentary titled Spice Girls Superfans on BBC iPlayer, the BBC’s internet streaming television and radio service. The special documentary highlights the monumental rise of the band and features the group’s meetings with dignitaries like Nelson Mandela and Prince Charles. According to International Business Times, the BBC documentary provides a detailed insight into the long-lasting impact that the Spice Girls had on the current generation of musicians.

Many artists cite the Spice Girls band as one of their primary influences, in part due to the fact that each of the band members showed that individuality is the key to success.

Fans can watch the documentary online until the end of August.

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