Trevor Noah Continues To Bash Donald Trump While Ratings Continue To Sag

Trevor Noah Daily Show

Trevor Noah’s takeover of The Daily Show continues to be an absolute disaster. According to Showbuzz Daily, Noah attracted just 719,000 viewers on Monday evening. This is pretty typical for The Daily Show these days, as it continually attracts less than 1 million viewers a night. Sometimes, it even attracts less than 600,000. It’s obvious that The Daily Show viewers miss Jon Stewart very much.

Trevor Noah The Daily Show
Since taking over The Daily Show last year, Noah has been a huge target for critics, especially liberal ones. Sophia A. McClennen of Salon recently penned a very critical essay about Noah.

“Trevor Noah, you’re no Jon Stewart. Channeling our own inner Lloyd Bentsen facing off to Dan Quayle in the 1988 vice presidential race, we have all imagined telling Noah that he has no business being compared to one of the greatest political comedians of all time.”

McClennen notes that even Noah would say that he’s no Jon Stewart, but she believes Noah has failed to be anything close to funny. The New York Daily News certainly didn’t help things by writing an article titled “Daily Show host Trevor Noah is a flop.”

“If Millennials are truly eating up Trevor Noah, then an entire generation is suffering from comedy malnutrition,” writes columnist Gersh Kuntzman, before noting that Comedy Central says it is happy with Noah’s ratings when it comes to young folks.

“That’s because all he has in his comic quiver is jokes. And pretty simple jokes, too. Noah needs to do better. I happily gave him eight months to get comfortable, but he isn’t impressing many of us,” Kuntzman continues.

However, some think Trevor Noah has been steadily improving. The Colorado Springs Gazette recently wrote an article about how Trevor Noah is finally emerging from Jon Stewart‘s shadow.

“The new ‘Daily Show’ host is finding his footing after a rough start replacing the man who made the broadcast essential. His comedy has grown sharper, he’s becoming more comfortable with his adopted country and he’s finding an audience of his own, even if smaller than his predecessor’s.”

Trevor Noah The Daily Show
The article adds that Noah has won over viewers by mixing comedy and forceful opinion by advocating for stricter gun control while noting that it’s possible to both support police and groups like #Blacklivesmatter.

Noah has also been praised for his criticism of Donald Trump. As the Huffington Post reported on Tuesday, Trevor Noah recently said, in a twisted way, that he agrees with Trump that the upcoming presidential election is rigged.

“‘Donald Trump is right,’ Noah said Monday. ‘We’ve uncovered evidence of election rigging throughout the system.’ But the comedian went on to say that the vote won’t be fixed in quite the way that the former reality TV personality thinks it is. Instead, it’s down to the Republican Party’s tactics of gerrymandering and passing voter suppression laws ― which Noah says benefit the GOP and not the Democrats.”

Meanwhile, Trevor Noah still obviously has his fans on Twitter.

It seems as if no matter what Trevor Noah does, he’ll always get compared to Jon Stewart. According to Rolling Stone, Stewart has praised Noah and asked his viewers to have faith in the comic. In other interviews, Stewart has praised Trevor Noah’s performance. At least Jon Stewart is being a good sport about everything, but his praise isn’t helping Trevor Noah gain an audience after almost a year.

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