‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: America’s Favorite Discussed, James Considers Flipping The Vote, And Paulie Rants To Zakiyah

Big Brother 18 has turned into a circus of sorts. There hasn’t been too much drama this season, which has turned some fans off. With the return of four veterans, there were high expectations. Pair that with two siblings of former BB players, and CBS had a recipe for possible greatness that fell short. Paulie believes he is running the show, and while that was the case for a while, it looks like the other players have had enough of his reign. This week, James holds the power to veto two eviction votes, and with Paulie now wanting to keep Zakiyah in the house, there is potential for a huge explosion come Thursday.

Initially, the plot was to get Zakiyah out and send her to the jury house with Da’Vonne. Paulie was set on getting her away from him, and creating distance was his goal. Unfortunately, that plan backfired and he is now pushing for Michelle to be sent packing. Things in the Big Brother house are quickly changing, and it looks like Thursday night could shock everyone. According to Jokers, Michelle believes she may be safe this week. She thinks Paul is on her side, and claims to have two votes for sure. Michelle is not going to get any help from Bridgette, but James and Natalie may be able to flip the vote to save Michelle and keep things interesting going into next week.

Talk of “America’s Favorite” came up in the Big Brother house last night. James believes that his fans will vote for him again this year. Nicole is considering that she may also win the prize, though chances of that are slim according to chatter across social media. This prize is a huge deal and the houseguest who wins it usually gets to do extra things through the network like appear on another show or return to play the BB game. With the way things are going down, it appears that James likely has the best shot at taking the prize home on finale night. Paulie has not mentioned it yet but with his ego, there is no doubt he believes that he will be a superstar when the game is over.

The showmance happening between Paulie and Zakiyah has been dubbed “Zaulie” by Big Brother fans. They have been talking about what he is going to say when Michelle is sent out to the jury house on Thursday, using a lot of profanity. He practiced what he would say to her on Zakiyah, and it was a little over-the-top, even for him. The disdain he holds for Michelle is a little odd, but he apparently thinks she owes her game to him. With the stakes running high this week, he is working extra hard to make sure she sees the door and his “girl” gets to stay in the Big Brother house one more week.

This week has the potential to shakeup the Big Brother game completely. If James does get the vote flipped to save Michelle, things could be incredibly different at the next nomination ceremony. With Paulie’s reign being discovered, there is a good possibility the players could overthrow him and begin to play the game with a whole new outlook.

Victor is the only one who won’t play in the Head of Household competition on Thursday night, and it is an important one to win. A double eviction will be happening Thursday night and with the way that goes down, there is no telling who the second person leaving will be. With all of the Paulie drama, there is plenty more viewers want to see happen. Being Cody’s brother got the best of him and could have possibly cost him the entire Big Brother game. If he doesn’t check his ego, he could be evicted before making it to the final four.

[Image via CBS]