Kim Kardashian Shares Holistic Pain Relief, Vows More Nude Pics After 70-Lb Weight Loss

Kim Kardashian is known for her love of dishing up the details of her life to fans. Whether on social media, her app, or as part of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality TV show on which she co-stars, Kardashian has a passion for indulging in what sometimes tends to fall into the TMI or oversharing category.

Now Kim has decided to provide the scoop on her holistic remedies for the pain she is suffering in her neck, while at the same time boasting about the weight loss that she claims to notice in the same region, noted the Daily Mail.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star described her neck aches as “major,” revealing that she is determined to heal it through various holistic treatments including cupping. The United States Olympics team recently surprised followers with the revelation that they are using this ancient health technique. Kim, 35, isn’t in competition for a gold medal (unless they give one for nude selfies), but she feels it might ease her pain.

Kim Kardashian flaunts her whittled waistline.
After first requesting that her followers provide tips on a pillow to ease the pain, Kardashian then shared that she had asked both a massage therapist and a Chinese medicine practitioner to visit her home to help. In addition to cupping, the mom of two revealed a plan to undergo acupuncture.

“We’re going to do acupuncture on my feet and my hands to try to help my neck.”

Kim admitted some anxiety about pain, but showed a snap in which the needles were in her feet. However, although she showed images of the cups, she refrained from revealing how her body looked after the cupping treatment.

Michael Phelps raised awareness of cupping techniques, which can result in marks and bruises, by being observed with enormous purple marks on his body during his competition in Rio.

Cupping techniques have been utilized for centuries in Chinese medicine. Although some feel that it is not safe because it has the potential to damage the skin, others believe it can lower inflammation, relieve muscle tension and improve circulation.

Kim Kardashian subjected herself to acupuncture needles for pain relief.
Kardashian clarified that her pain was primarily in her neck. And she appeared obsessed with that area, also discussing how she could observe her weight loss in that region.

For those who were skeptical that the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star had specifically shed pounds in her neck, Kim used her choker to illustrate her slim-down success.

“Guys we are having real problems here, see my choker look at how big it is,” pointed out Kardashian.

“My neck even lost weight, is that wild or what?”

In addition to showing off her weight loss in that area, Kim unveiled a view of her looking at the scale. She has confessed that she does a daily weigh-in. Currently weighing 125 pounds, Kardashian has set an ultimate goal of 120 pounds.

“I haven’t been this in years!!!” she shared on Snapchat caption. “5 lbs to go!”

As for the best way to flaunt that weight loss? Kim already has vowed to post another nude selfie, warning the world to prepare, reported People.

Kardashian also responded to those who think that she engages in TMI or oversharing while giving her keynote speech at the BlogHer conference.

“Have I posted a nude selfie since I lost all my baby weight?” Kim rhetorically questioned before teasing the answer.

“I don’t think so. Get ready,” she cautioned to her nude selfie followers.

As to the reason for posting those nude selfies and sharing so many details, Kardashian kept her answer simple.

“Because I feel good about myself,” she proclaimed.

But even though Kim is candid about her 70-pound weight loss via nude photos since welcoming her baby boy Saint West in December 2015, she also advises that other people release such images only if they feel comfortable doing so.

“I do what makes me feel comfortable. If you’re not comfortable, don’t do that,” she recommended.

“Just do whatever makes you feel comfortable and whatever makes you feel good inside and happy.”

[Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images]