‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Joe Rivera Gets A New Job — Does He Have A Secret Agenda For Settling Down In Port Charles?

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There is a new staff member at General Hospital, and he has quite a familiar face. Carlos Rivera’s brother, Joe, showed up in Port Charles last month, and it looks like he is planning on becoming a permanent resident. While it appears that he is the complete opposite of his criminal brother, it may turn out that he has some kind of an agenda, which viewers will find out what that is soon enough.

Carlos was killed when Julian Jerome stabbed him with a dagger on the docks, and viewers were sad to see well-loved actor Jeffrey Vincent Parise leave the soap. Little did they know that the execs at General Hospital were planning on bringing him back as a new character. Joe Rivera made his debut in July when he showed up at the Quartermaine mansion to see Sabrina Santiago, but he has not been seen much since then. According to the previews for Tuesday’s episode, he will be back on screen. Sabrina will run into him at the hospital and be surprised that he is wearing a white coat and scrubs.

Should Michael Corinthos be worried that Carlos’ brother is staying in Port Charles for good? He better be prepared to fight for his girl, because it looks like Joe may be interested in getting Sabrina back in his life, especially since he has his brother’s son to look after. He told Sabrina that he wanted to be in the baby’s life now that Carlos is gone, but his reasons for staying in town may not be as innocent as everyone thinks it is.

What do we know so far about this new character on General Hospital? Of course, he has the exact same face as his brother, but not everyone in town has seen him yet. However, that is about to change now that he is employed as the newest doc. On Tuesday’s episode, Sabrina will be surprised to see Dr. Rivera at the hospital. He will inform her that he is now working at GH and by the look on Sabrina’s face, she may just regret welcoming him with open arms when he first came to town.

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So, what is Joe Rivera really doing in Port Charles? Is he just looking to settle down somewhere and thought it would be good to be close to his nephew or could he be bent on getting revenge for his brother’s murder? He could secretly be looking to seek out the person who killed him, and that person is Julian Jerome. Carlos chose the life of a hitman, which is supposedly the opposite kind of life that Joe chose. He told Sabrina that he tried to reason with Carlos, but he couldn’t get through to him.

It may be that Joe is only out to get back Sabrina’s attention. They grew up together and dated a bit, but then she ended up choosing Carlos over him. Now that his brother is no longer an obstacle, Joe seems to have his sights set on getting her back. However, he needs to go through Michael first. Michael was not happy to see him show up on his doorstep, especially since he looks exactly like Carlos.

According to spoilers by Soaps She Knows for Wednesday, Michael will make a plea to someone on General Hospital that is new in town, and that person is likely to be Joe Rivera. Michael will not be thrilled when he learns that Joe is not just in town for a short visit, but he intends to stay put for an extended period of time. He may just get suspicious of this new guy and ask him to leave Sabrina and her baby alone.

It sounds like Joe will be trying to come between Sabrina and Michael after they have just gotten back together. Will Sabrina start to have romantic feelings for another Rivera brother? Stay tuned to see what Joe Rivera is up to on General Hospital.

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