Vicki Gunvalson Can’t Stand David Beador: Hints The Couple Is Hiding Something

Vicki Gunvalson is trying to make peace with her Real Housewives of Orange County co-stars on this season of the show, as she knows that they are angry with her because of her relationship with Brooks Ayers. Brooks got caught lying about his medical records, saying that he didn’t feel comfortable sharing his own records, so he took a sample from the internet. It was a user from Reddit who discovered that the medical records were fake. Vicki claims she never knew that he was faking the medical records. Once caught, Gunvalson’s co-stars were convinced that she was in on the lie and they have struggled to forgive her since then.

According to a new Bravo report, Vicki Gunvalson is now revealing that she doesn’t understand why her co-star’s husband, David Beador, is so vicious with her. It’s no secret that Vicki understands why the ladies would be upset with her if she had indeed lied, but she claims that she did nothing wrong. Over the past couple of episodes, David has revealed that he really dislikes Vicki for her behavior in regards to Brooks. He is convinced that she lied about him having cancer, and he told his wife that he really didn’t like her.

“Watching David and Shannon in the limo heading to the party and hearing Shannon say “David is so upset with me and that he can’t stand me,” was ironic because actually the feeling is mutual. David getting involved in a girl conflict is a “no no” and should be lesson number one,” Vicki Gunvalson reveals in her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Of course, David and Brooks were friends, so it is surprising that he is so upset with Vicki. Maybe he’s just taking his frustrations in regards to his wife out on Gunvalson, as Shannon has been upset with Gunvalson for sharing the affair news with her brother and friend. But Vicki does bring up a good point; Tamra Judge was the only one who was truly concerned about Gunvalson’s relationship with Brooks, and these concerns were brought up long before he was diagnosed with cancer.

“Tamra was the one who was upset with Brooks a few years ago saying Brooks was too involved in my business and the ladies’ business, so why now is it ok for David to lash out at me for something that doesn’t even involve him? It’s such BS and I agree with Tamra that guys should not get involved in the ladies’ conflicts,” Gunvalson continues in her blog, adding, “I have no idea why David is upset with me, as he was the one who was friends with Brooks also.”

Beador did seem to be very upset with Vicki during the 1970’s party his wife was hosting, as he essentially yelled in her face about how much he disliked her. It does seem odd that he wouldn’t be angry with Brooks, considering he is the one who would have started the lie. But Vicki Gunvalson has a theory as to why he is so aggressive in his approach; maybe he’s trying to hide his own secrets he doesn’t want out. Reflection seems like an easy way to get the focus away from him.

“Shannon and David are trying to turn the focus off of them and their mess, and attempting to keep the focus on me, which I’m fine with now because I can see through it. All I continue to ask was to be able to ‘move on’ which they can’t seem to do,” Gunvalson reveals in her blog, hinting that they don’t want to talk about their own issues.

It is possible that Gunvalson is referring to David’s affair. He carried on an affair for many months, something that Shannon was shocked about. According to Reality Tea, Shannon has revealed why she doesn’t want to forgive and forget what happened with Gunvalson.

What do you think of Vicki Gunvalson’s blog? Are you surprised that she’s not a fan of David Beador? Why do you think he’s being so aggressive with Gunvalson?

[Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images]