‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Paulie Says He’s Ready To ‘Go For The Jugular’ And ‘Break’ Michelle, Zakiyah Makes Suggestions to Paulie Reminiscent of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ [Spoilers]

Big Brother 18 live feeds continued to broadcast house happenings Monday, as Zakiyah listened to Paulie rant about Michelle, and then disturbingly offered to let him physically take his frustrations out on her.

On CBS All Access live feeds at about 1:36 a.m. Big Brother 18 house time, Paulie and Zakiyah could be seen lounging together in the house backyard, but Paulie was anything but relaxed. In fact, he was fuming, as he divulged to Zakiyah he would “break” Michelle.

According to Joker’s Updates, both Michelle and Zakiyah are up for eviction, placed on the chopping block by week 7 Head of Household (HOH) Victor. Paulie won the Big Brother 18 Power of Veto (POV), but did not use it save his showmance partner Zakiyah, as she would have liked.

Paulie’s frustration with Michelle seems to stem from a statement she made to Zakiyah. Michelle said if she’s evicted, she will blow up everyone’s game, including Paulie’s, before she walks out the Big Brother 18 front door. Paulie learned of Michelle’s threat from Zakiyah.

As they sat outside in the Big Brother backyard, Paulie told Zakiyah he believes Michelle is “jealousy driven and attention driven,” as well as “fake.” He said Michelle chooses her targets out of jealousy, arguing she wanted Bronte gone because Paul was paying too much attention to her, she wanted Bridgette out of the game because of her relationship with Frank, and he said she is jealous of Zakiyah because she has him.

Paulie continued by saying he is planning to call Michelle out in front of the other Big Brother 18 houseguests if she insists on outing his game, by telling her:

“Your crying is fake, you’re not a superfan because you’re getting outplayed by every single person in this house. Every single superfan is going to laugh at you… I’ll go for the jugular and break her… You’re just mad because everybody figured you out before you had a chance to figure them out.”

Paulie added he knows Michelle and Da’Vonne pushed for the all-female Fatal 5 alliance, calling her a liar and someone who thrives on making up rumors. He reiterated, if Michelle tries to destroy his Big Brother game, he’ll remind her she “came into protection,” but turned her back on it, just like Da’Vonne.

As the conversation continued, at around 1:40 a.m., Paulie cockily noted, “Coming at me is a very big mistake because I’m very quiet and very nice and charming, but I have a Scorpio tongue and will [expletive] slice your jugular with it.”

Zakiyah simply giggled as Paulie went on with his diatribe.

Paulie continued, saying he will tell Michelle, “You are loyal to yourself and your own jealous needs that feed your own attention cravings.” Then he boasted, “I will slay her – and it will be on live feeds and it will be on national television and she will never, ever, ever want to show up anywhere.”

Zakiyah laughed and then checked herself by saying she shouldn’t be finding any of this funny.

Paulie agreed, noting it wasn’t funny, but if Michelle decides to attack him on her way out of the Big Brother game he will portray her as a “sore loser.”

Zakiyah asked if Paulie was planning on initiating a confrontation with Michelle, Paulie said he might because that’s just how he does things. Zakiyah told him to let her know beforehand so she can have a “front row seat.”

As Paulie’s tirade finally slowed down at around 1:56 a.m., Zakiyah asked him, “What else is going on buddy? Anything I do… that makes you mad?” Paulie responded with “No.”

Zakiyah then surprisingly stated, “You can beat me up now. You can choke me… slap me. I’ll take it.” Paulie looked at her, seemingly stunned, saying, “Oh my goodness… oh my.”

When Zakiyah asked, “What? What?” as if her offers to be his punching bag were not out of the norm, Paulie said, “You’re out of your mind.” She asked, “How?”

Then, reminiscent of Fifty Shades of Grey, Paulie noted, “I don’t do those things in that sense… I do those things in a sexual sense,” to which Zakiyah responded, “Okay.” Paulie added, “That’s a different kind of punishment.”

Zakiyah said, “Paulie, Paulie, Paulie. You’re something, something.”

After a minute or so, the two just looked at one another, and the conversation quickly changed to who was still awake in the Big Brother 18 house.

According to Joker’s Updates, the couple had been flirting “heavily” about 90 minutes prior in the kitchen, talking about “being tied” up, safewords, and other things they may do to one another once they leave the game.

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