‘Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’: Pregnant Tiarra Becca Talks New Husband, Drops Bombshell On Scrapp DeLeon and Tommie’s Relationship

Tia Becca, or Tiarra, surprised everyone in the finale of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta when she revealed that she is married and is expecting a child with her new husband. Scrapp Deleon’s mother KK was quick to criticize by claiming that she has six children by six fathers, and she ended the take down stating that it’s time for marriage.

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Tiarra actually has four kids with one on the way, and it is not clear whether they are all come from different fathers.

In the reunion, Tommie revealed that she is still open to having a relationship with Scrapp Deleon when he is released from prison. Tommie brushed off his relationship with Karlie and had a feud that often got physical with Tiarra during the season.

In an interview with VH1, Tiarra talked about her relationship with Scrapp, Tommie and KK. When asked if her love triangle was similar to Stevie J, Joseline Hernandez, and Mimi Faust, she states they weren’t really together.


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She stated that she wasn’t “super in love” with Scrapp and was more interested in having a normal family dynamic for her children. She also insinuates that Scrapp Deleon is a serial cheater and his relationship with Tommie was a way for her to get out of the toxic relationship:

“When everything happened with Tommie it was easy for me to let go. I felt betrayed and you know I’d been betrayed by Scrapp before. Scrapp’s not really a stand up person. Scrapp can’t really put people in their place like the way I feel like he should. Anybody should for their woman.”

In the Love and Hip Hop Reunion, Tommie said that she still has feelings for Scrapp despite his tryst with Karlie Redd just before he went to prison. DeLeon’s mother KK made it clear that she wants her son to be in a relationship with Tommie. KK also claims that Scrapp is in love with her. However, Tiarra drops a bombshell in her interview with VH1, claiming that Scrapp doesn’t feel that way. When asked how she feels about Tommie, Tiarra replies:

“No, we didn’t need to have resolution. Tommie don’t have a kid by Scrapp. Tommie and Scrapp are, from what Scrap told me that since he’s been in jail, he’s not dealing with her and she’s not his type and he’s disappointed that she slept with Joseline and tried with his uncle.”

During the season, Tommie appears to be flirting with Stevie J, who is Deleon’s uncle, and rumors were spreading that they may have been intimate. Stevie J denies having relations with Tommie due to his relationship with his nephew.

Tiarra also states that she will never allow her child to be around Tommie and thus found no reason to end their feud. She also spoke on how Scrapp feels about Tommie:

“I’m not sure if she slept with his uncle or not but he actually told me he’s embarrassed you know he regrets everything with her. So there’s no need for resolution. It ain’t like Tommie is a stepmom, picking up my child. I would never let my child around her. So what’s the point of a resolution? We just don’t have to deal with each other.”

It is unclear at this point whether this is true or a dig at Tommie. It was reported last month that Scrapp could be released early and film the next season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. If this is true we will see how he feels about Tommie.

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