‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Stars Josh Murray And Amanda Stanton Engaged? What About Her Feelings For Nick Viall?

More than one couple is expected to get engaged on Bachelor in Paradise.

Although the contestants are supposed to keep quiet until after the finale, Josh Murray was recently spotted hanging out with Amanda Stanton.

Did Murray pop the big question? What about Stanton’s romance with Nick Viall?

TMZ is reporting that Murray spent some time with Stanton in Orange County last week. The pair was spotted at the Orange County fair and Stanton brought her two kids along for the trip.

The family was photographed making their way through the fair and didn’t appear afraid of being spotted, despite the chances of spoiling Bachelor in Paradise.

Stanton wore a button up sleeveless shirt and shorts while Murray wore a dark baseball cap on the outing.

Murray is currently living with Stanton in California but plans to marry her and buy a home in Atlanta.

According to Daily Mail, Murray was a part of Season 10 of The Bachelorette and proposed to Andi Dorfman during the finale.

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out for the engaged couple, and they split eight months after the finale.

Amanda Stanton Josh Murray Bachelor in Paradise
Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray [Image via ABC Television Network]

Apparently, Dorfman was tired of the emotional abuse and eventually felt like breaking up with Murray was the only way out.

“I was disgusted with myself for what I put up with,” Dorfman shared after the breakup. “I was a strong independent woman, and I allowed [Josh] to be [emotionally abusive].”

For her part, Stanton was part of Season 20 of The Bachelor.

Stanton managed to make it to the final four, but Ben Higgins surprisingly sent her packing after the hometown dates.

Higgins met Stanton’s daughters during the date and seemed like he got along with them just fine. However, he dumped her shortly after the hometown visit, which didn’t go over well with fans.

Stanton has two children, Kinsley (3) and Charlie (2).

Amanda Stanton [Photo by Craig Sjordin/ABC]

While it looks like Stanton settled with Murray, Buddy TV reports that she and Viall first hit it off on Bachelor in Paradise.

“When Amanda first got to Paradise, she started hooking up with Nick because she didn’t want to be alone,” an insider revealed to In Touch. “But the second Josh arrived, all bets were off — he was the guy she had gone there to meet.”

Murray and Viall have been rivals ever since their time on The Bachelorette.

As fans will recall, Dorfman slept with both men but lied to Josh when he asked about her intimacy with Viall. That lie ended up tearing up their relationship and eventually led to their public split.

Considering how Murray stole another girl from Viall, their feud hasn’t gotten any better.

If anything, their time together on Bachelor in Paradise has only made things worse.

“Nick and Josh came into this already hating each other, and now they despise each other even more,” the source continued.

Meanwhile, given Murray’s latest public appearance with Stanton, it looks like their relationship is off to a great start.

Nick Viall [Photo by Craig Sjordin/ABC]

“They’re actually really happy and so serious that he’s planning to move to LA to be with her,” the source added.

Of course, whether or not their relationship lasts longer than Murray’s romance with Dorfman is anyone’s guess. Hopefully, Murray and Stanton are honest with each other and can make their romance last.

That being said, neither Murray nor Stanton have confirmed the rumors of their engagement.

However, considering how Murray is already living with Stanton, there is a good chance that they are planning on tying the knot in the near future.

Fans can watch the drama unfold between Murray and Vial when new episodes of Bachelor in Paradise air Monday and Tuesday nights on ABC.

[Image via ABC]