‘The Walking Dead’: Michonne Had Been In Love With Rick ‘For A While’

The Walking Dead cast member Danai Gurira has become a fan favorite thanks to her amazing portrayal of Michonne in the popular AMC zombie television series. Most recently, Michonne has developed a romantic relationship with the show’s main protagonist, Rick Grimes; something fans have affectionately named “Richonne.”

In a recent interview with People, Gurira admitted that she believes that Michonne had been in love with Rick for quite a while before the two finally consummated their love on The Walking Dead. Gurira said that Michonne had cut herself off from her heart until one special moment where Rick gave her a mint made her finally make the move.

“He had a mission in his mind to take care of her need. That’s kind of that, ‘Oh my god that’s so sweet’ moment – but apocalypse-style.”

What resulted is another Walking Dead cast moment that changed drastically from what happened in the original comics. Rick and Michonne never had a romantic relationship in the comic books at all, and both had other relationships instead.

For Michonne, that might come into play in The Walking Dead Season 7. One of the new Walking Dead cast members for the upcoming season is Ezekiel, a man who leads a group called The Kingdom. This group becomes the best allies for Rick’s survivors and the people of Alexandria in the fight against Negan.

In the comics, Michonne had a relationship with Tyreese, who was very different in his television adaptation, Morgan, and finally Ezekiel. With Richonne so popular of a pairing, putting her in a relationship with Ezekiel would have the wrong effect for fans, so that is not likely to occur; at least not at first.

For Gurira, she is just happy with how she has watched the relationship between Rick Grimes and Michonne progress as two of the fan’s favorite members of The Walking Dead cast.

“I think it’s just a really lovely moment of these two great friends sort of looking at each other in a moment of going, ‘Oh …,’ It’s really, really sweet and really nice because we don’t get these moments often on The Walking Dead.”


As for Rick Grimes, the love of his life was Lori Grimes, although she died in both the comics and television show at the prison. He also dated Jessie in both. However, Rick’s girlfriend in the comics is Andrea. For fans of the TV series, Andrea left the Walking Dead cast in Season 3 when the Governor locked her in a room with a zombie.

In a nice piece of irony, Michonne and Andrea developed a very close relationship in the TV show. Michonne was there with Rick when they found Andrea, dying. It was Michonne who stayed by Andrea’s side as she killed herself to stop from turning into a zombie. While Andrea is Rick’s lover in the comics, it is her closest friend who takes the role on the television show.

The Walking Dead cast is undergoing major changes in Season 7. Outside of the arrival of Ezekiel and The Kingdom, there are also going to be the members of Negan’s camp playing major roles, as well as Negan himself. Also, The Hilltop will play a bigger role this season as well.


While those new Walking Dead cast members will show up, two beloved characters may die. While many spoiler sites have pinpointed who they claim will die, there have also been interesting theories that Michonne could have been the one to get the brunt of Lucille in The Walking Dead Season 6 cliffhanger finale.

Movie Pilot reported that the theory is that Michonne was the point of view when the van door opened. Many people have shot down that theory, though, and it is almost assured that Michonne, and as a result, Richonne, will continue on into Season 7 as the most interesting relationship of the entire The Walking Dead cast.

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