Glen Campbell’s Kids Say Singer’s Wife Won’t Let Them Visit Their Dad

Glen Campbell is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, and two of his children claim his wife will not permit them to see their father. The legendary singer’s adult children, Debby and Travis Campbell, are trying to raise the legal funds necessary to fight their father’s fourth wife, Kim, so they can visit their dad.

Over the course of his highly successful career, Glen Campbell, 80, released more than 70 albums and sold 45 million records, Fox News reports. The “Southern Nights” singer is reportedly living in a nursing facility in Nashville. He has a total of eight children, according to the Wrap.

Campbell’s fans recently created a GoFundMe page to aid the fundraising efforts of his children. The Debby & Travis Campbell Defense has raised $6,495 thus far. The stated goal of the campaign is to garner $50,000 to pay for legal bills in what might be a very lengthy court battle. Debby Campbell performed with her father for more than two decades. In the lawsuit filed by Debby and Travis Campbell, the singer’s children claim his wife is not providing him with enough clothing and toiletries and might be mismanaging his funds.

“We ask your help in keeping a family together,” the GoFundMe campaign states.

Kim Campbell has not yet responded to media requests for comment about the claims she has banned the children from visiting their father. The recent passage of SB 2190, also known as the “Glen Campbell/Peter Falk Bill,” was supposed to pave the way for Debby and Travis to get access to their father.

The bill states no person who has guardianship or power of attorney over a ward can prevent family and friends from having contact with the individual unless they are specifically banned from doing so by a court order.

Some of Glen Campbell’s friends claim his wife, Kim, exploited him by sending him out on tour one last time and for producing a documentary chronicling his declining health after he was officially diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2010. According to one unidentified friend of the singer’s, Kim is now “making thousands” of dollars giving speeches to inform others how to care for a loved one stricken with the debilitating disease, instead of being at home taking care of her husband.

“However, Kim does not accept the law of the land,” the GoFundMe page also maintains.

Patricia Sullivan-Webb is the ex-wife of Jimmy Webb and has known Glen Campbell since she was 14, Page Six reports. Jimmy Webb wrote most of Campbell’s greatest hits, including “By the Time I Get to Phoenix,” “Galveston,” and “Wichita Lineman.”

“I am very encouraged that a fan has set up the GoFundMe site and that so many fans have responded,” Patricia Sullivan-Webb said. “It [not allowing the children to have contact with their father] speaks directly to Kim Woolen Campbell’s character, or lack thereof.”

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam signed the “Campbell Falk Act” into law in May. Both Travis and Debby Campbell attended the bill signing, along with country music great Tanya Tucker. Actor Peter Falk’s daughter Catherine Falk. Marcia Southwick of the Boomers Against Elder Abuse, and Joseph Roubichek, along with the National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse, were also present at Governor Haslam’s signing ceremony, Knox Blogs notes.

“We are very pleased that this new law has been enacted,” said Senator Rusty Crowe, said.

The Tennessee Senator credited the Campbell children, Falk, Tucker, and the organizations with helping to get the bill passed.

“We are seeing a growing number of cases of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other disabilities which call for a conservator to be appointed. This gets very difficult when there are strained family relationships between the conservator and the ward’s family members and it involves the decision that no communication should occur,” Senator Crowe added.

What do you think about the efforts Glen Campbell’s children are being forced to go through just to get to see their ailing father?

[Photo by Danny Johnston/File/AP Images]