June 29, 2017
‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Nicole Exposes Michelle’s Fatal 5 Lie, A Double Eviction Target Materializes, Natalie Says She's Tired of Zakiyah's Jealousy [Spoilers]

A lazy Sunday in the Big Brother 18 house was chronicled on August 7, 2016, by the ever-present cameras throughout the large abode that capture almost all of the houseguests' waking moments on live feeds.

Just as it is most days, scheming, planning, and chit-chatting was observed, as Michelle decided to make up a lie to explain a prior alliance, Paulie and his minions were tossing about double eviction targets, and Natalie complained to James about Zakiyah's jealousy.

According to Big Brother Junkie, at around 10 p.m. Big Brother 18 house time, Michelle felt the need to explain away the formation of the once-promising all-female alliance called the Fatal 5. To do so, Michelle apparently lied to Paulie, Zakiyah, and Nicole, claiming that Tiffany told her prior to her eviction the men in the house had created an alliance called the Advancement.

It should be noted the Fatal 5 alliance was formed early on in the Big Brother 18 game and included Michelle, Nicole, Zakiyah, Da'Vonne, and Tiffany. The alliance crumbled after Tiffany told Frank about the all-female clique and blew their cover.
Michelle, who is sitting next to Zakiyah on the eviction chopping block this week after being nominated by current Head of Household (HOH) Victor, may have believed that she needed to try to explain her game moves in the house in an attempt to save herself from being evicted on Thursday.
Shortly thereafter, Michelle came clean to Nicole and revealed the story about the all-male Advancement alliance was a blatant untruth, Big Brother Junkie reports. However, that was not the end of the Advancement saga.
Nicole felt the need to tell her showmance partner, Corey, about Michelle's lie and thought maybe they should tell Paulie about it.
As they spoke, Nicole began to suspect Corey had already informed Paulie about the lie, but Corey adamantly denied that he had. According to Joker's Updates, Nicole continued to accuse Corey of lying, going so far as to ask him to swear on his life if he was being truthful, but Corey refused.
Joker's Updates reports that despite Corey's denials, he did tell Paulie about Michelle and the lie. If Michelle stays in the game, the lie, which seems wholly unnecessary at this point, could come back to haunt her.
Nicole became extremely worried about exposing Michelle, as she was the only person, besides Michelle, who knew the Advancement story was a lie, according to Joker's Updates. Therefore, if Michelle is evicted but has the sole round trip ticket allowing her to head back into the Big Brother 18 house, Nicole's betrayal could be revealed and Nicole could become enemy number one to Michelle.
Also on Sunday, the houseguests aptly believe a Big Brother double eviction is near (they are correct, as it is taking place this week) and are discussing which viable targets they can quickly eliminate during the event.
Sometime around midnight, Paulie and Victor began talking about which houseguests to target and settled on a few scenarios, but each focused on the members of one showmance: "Jatalie." According to the discussion, James would be the primary target, but if he were to somehow escape the eviction block, Natalie could be sent out the Big Brother 18 front door, according to TV Grapevine.
The master plan is presumably to put James and Natalie on the block next to one another and evict James. Paulie suggested nominating Bridgette and Natalie and then backdooring James if possible, which Victor proclaimed would be "amazing," TV Grapevine reports.
Whatever the case, both men preferred to get rid of James first, but if their plan does not come to fruition, it appears Natalie would be their second choice to leave this week.
In other developments, Natalie was feeling strained, telling James she's tired of placating Zakiyah due to her jealousy. According to TV Grapevine, at around 3 a.m. Monday morning, Natalie told James she's had to "kiss Z's [Zakiyah's]" derriere a tremendous amount because Zakiyah gets jealous if Natalie speaks a word to Paulie.
Natalie continued by asserting she must constantly reassure Zakiyah that she's not interested in Paulie, which is "exhausting" and makes the Big Brother 18 game much more difficult for her.
Natalie also revealed that she doesn't care how the house wants the votes to go down on Thursday and she'll vote to evict whomever she pleases. This presumably means Natalie may vote to evict Zakiyah, even though a majority of the Big Brother 18 house is planning to evict Michelle.
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