‘Big Brother 18’: Victor Arroyo Makes An Executive Decision As He Proves ‘V’ is For Vendetta

Victor Arroyo is on a power trip—and rightly so. The Big Brother 18 houseguest already survived one elimination when he fought his way back into the CBS summertime house. And now, Victor is making good on his promise that his days as Mr. Nice Guy are done. As this week’s Head of Household, Victor showed his new side, and it doesn’t hurt that he has a high-powered alliance backing him.

Yahoo TV posted video of Victor’s chilling nomination speech, which will surely go down in history as one of the most memorable Big Brother speeches of all time. Forget friendship. Victor is the CEO of his own game now, and it looks like “V” is for vendetta, not Victor.

As he nominated Zakiyah Everette and a stunned Michelle Meyer as the first house guests up for this week’s double eviction, Arroyo didn’t even pretend to play nice or throw them a “pawn” card. Instead, Arroyo called them out and told them that they will feel the pain that he felt on his own eviction night. When Victor was eliminated earlier this season, only his pal Paul Abrahamian had his back, so now it’s payback time.

“9-1. Do those numbers ring a bell? On my eviction night, that’s how the votes fell. Now you will feel what eviction night felt.”

As he addressed his nominees individually, Victor told Zakiyah that she played a terrible social game and never paid him any attention.

“To be honest, you never show me too much attention. Paulie is the only one that gets your affection.”

Victor also made Michelle cry when he informed her that she picked the wrong time to play the game with her emotions.

“It should be clear to see, you were rude and mean yesterday,” Arroyo said. “It wasn’t the day to piss people off.”

In a humorous attempt at a peace offering with his nominees, Victor then tossed some Mardi Gras beads onto the table.

“I really hope that this doesn’t ruin any friendships, so I have some beads so you can cherish,” Victor told his shocked nominees. You can see Victor’s speech in the video below.


Victor’s newfound attitude came on the heels of the formation of his new alliance, The Executives. In the boys-only alliance, Victor is the CEO, Paul Abrahamian is Chief of Friendship, Paulie Calafiore is Director of Social Engagements, Corey Brooks is the Events Coordinator and James Huling is Chief of Operations. For extra insurance, Arroyo is in a side alliance with Calafiore and Abrahamian called The Board. That alliance promises to take each other to the final three.

After his eviction from the game earlier this season, Victor said there would be a few things he would do differently if he won his way back into the Big Brother house. Of his misstep of telling then-HOH Nicole Franzel that he would be going after her, Victor admitted to Entertainment Weekly his loose lips hurt him early on in the competition.

“Yes, I could have kept things to myself a little better,” Arroyo admitted. Victor also told TV Guide that he originally tried not to ruffle any feathers, but that if he had a second chance he would play the game more aggressively.

“While I was in there originally, I tried not to ruffle feathers,” Arroyo said. “What I know now, being evicted 9-1, I’d go back with no filter and not try to be nice to everyone. I’d go in Rambo.”

Not only is he going in Rambo, but he’s going in as CEO. The only problem with Victor’s plan is he now has blood on his hands—Zakiyah is angry and Michelle is an emotional mess—and since one of his nominees could be in possession of the Round Trip ticket which would allow them to come back into the Big Brother house within minutes of being evicted, this big move could come back to haunt him. Then again, if Victor gets voted out again, he’ll be part of the Big Brother 18 jury, so what comes around, goes around.

[Image via Victor Arroyo/Instagram]

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