Kailyn Lowry Admits To Making Mistakes: Did She Just Admit To Cheating?

Kailyn Lowry has been keeping a low profile on her social media accounts since announcing that her divorce would be happening. On the Teen Mom reunion special, Lowry revealed that she had no interest in actually working on her marriage anymore, as she felt that Javi Marroquin wasn’t supporting her the way she wanted to be supported. While she had been there for him as he went to serve his country overseas, he couldn’t support her finishing school and starting a career. Marroquin would prefer that she stay at home, take care of their children and have another baby. This isn’t something Lowry wants for herself at this time.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now revealing that she has made some mistakes in her life, including in her marriage. While she didn’t exactly reveal what these mistakes were, they are not enough to fix her marriage or change her mind about dropping the divorce. Instead, Kailyn says she made mistakes, but is focusing on her children during this hard time. Could she be talking about those cheating rumors that have surfaced over the past few months?

“I’ve f**ked up, but I won’t let anyone bring me out of character again. I promise that for my kids,” Kailyn Lowry revealed on Twitter over the weekend, to which one person wrote, “u need to figure out your issue with men. You let really good ones go. Isaac has had 3 in his life already. Figure u out first.”

When Javi was serving his time overseas, he used social media to hint that she was cheating on him. While he didn’t get too specific, many people felt that Lowry was cheating on him with another woman. She had posted pictures of her kissing her lesbian friend during a pride celebration, but it sounds like Marroquin was referring to another instance. But regardless of what she’s going through these days, she’s putting her children first.

“No matter what kind of s**t I’m dealing with, I’m a mother first,” Lowry then tweeted, sharing that she was focusing on her children, to which she received several messages of support, including tweets like this one, “you’re a great mom. Don’t let anyone ever try to tell you otherwise.”

According to Radar Online,Marroquin has hinted that the truth will come out about Kailyn Lowry. He has also said that he doesn’t want to bash the mother of his child, Lincoln, but he strongly believes that Lowry’s actions, while he was away, will be exposed at some point.

Kailyn Lowry’s Ex-Husband Slams Haters On Twitter Following His Decision To Move Out Of The… https://t.co/fYK4fJQx57 pic.twitter.com/ag17LgkKA8

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“What’s done in the night will show in the light,” Marroquin revealed on Twitter while he was gone, according to Radar Online, adding in a separate tweet, “I’m gonna keep my mouth shut about all these stupid false stories cause I’m not gonna bash my son’s mother so we’ll leave it at that.”

Kailyn has denied leaving Javi for another person. Lowry announced that she was divorcing Javi back in May after nearly four years of marriage. Marroquin returned from his time overseas at the beginning of August. Even though he did get a chance to see the children once he returned home, he’s not living in the home the couple shared before he left to serve his country. Instead, he has managed to find himself a new place, where he has been working on unpacking. It’s possible that he’s moving some of his things out of Kailyn’s home. No word on whether they have told the children about the upcoming divorce.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry admitting to making mistakes in her marriage? What mistakes do you think she’s referring to?

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