Justin Bieber And One Direction’s Niall Horan Off The Market — When Will Harry Styles Get A Girlfriend?

Reports that Justin Bieber could be settling down with an Australian girl have started to float around, just as Niall Horan finally seems to be getting serious with a Belgian girlfriend. With Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne both in serious relationships, that leaves Harry Styles the only unattached heartthrob left in pop music’s big five. Which raises the question: when, if ever, will Harry get a girlfriend?

Justin Bieber may have nabbed himself not just a new fling, but a new girlfriend in Australian swimwear model Sahara Ray, if Deccan Chronicle is to be believed.

“[Justin Bieber] became one with the nature as he went skinny dipping with his rumoured new girlfriend, Australian swimwear model Sahara Ray. Justin took off for a holiday in Hawaii where he stayed in a $10,000 night villa, Water Falling Estate, with his friends and rumoured girlfriend…”

Herald Sun is reporting that Justin Bieber’s Australian girlfriend is the commitment type, and her naked tryst with Justin in Hawaii could have come with some big strings attached. Sahara is reportedly keen to settle down in Australia to enjoy its “chilled” vibe and also wants to raise kids in her home country. The swimwear model even prefers to work in Australia because she believes photographers there have a different shooting style, aiming for a small number of exquisite shots rather than a mass of mediocre ones.

“Australia is where I want to end up and I want to have kids here. It’s more chilled and relaxed and even on shoots, it’s more about quality than quantity.”

Many fans of Justin have an ulterior motive for wanting to see him with a girlfriend — some fans are evidently sick of seeing Bieber endlessly linked to his ex, Selena Gomez.

Justin and Selena were linked in the news recently when rumors of a duet surfaced, and then when Selena’s BFF Taylor Swift got caught up in a scandal due to some Snapchat maneuvering by Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Reports claimed that Selena was furious after Justin shaded Taylor Swift, implying that Gomez still expects loyalty from her ex.

Bieber went some of the way towards debunking those stories when an array of sexy shots showing him cavorting with Ray in Hawaii surfaced, according to Complex. The appearance of Justin naked ensured that the photos achieved even wider circulation than they otherwise would have, although it also ensured that a censored box was slapped on many of the cute shots of the new lovers.

Mags did find a way to link Justin and Selena in the end, though. A narrative has emerged suggesting that Orlando Bloom, who also got naked in public recently with his girlfriend Katy Perry, is facing off with Justin in the genitals stakes. Both men have dated Selena Gomez and Miranda Kerr, so reports have claimed that they were strutting their stuff in hopes of outdoing each other and lengthening the war that began when they both dated Selena.

Meanwhile, Niall Horan is still going strong with his Belgian girlfriend Celine Helene Vandyke. The couple’s status was called into question when reports surfaced saying that Celine was seeing another guy, according to Sugarscape, but like many One Direction-related rumors it proved to be a fan concoction. The basis for the rumor — a screenshot in which Celine apparently announced that she was dating a guy who was not Niall Horan — proved to be a fake.

“The photo apparently was posted on 17 July 2016, but seeing as we were able to photoshop lobster cages onto Harry Styles’s arms, we all know trickery and creating images that look real isn’t impossible.”

The final bachelor in One Direction, Harry Styles, appears to be happily single and in no hurry to find a girlfriend. Tabloids attempted to link Harry Styles to a Dunkirk crew member after Styles was spotted laughing and joking with the brunette on set, but nothing came of the rumor.

Some stories that Harry and ex Kendall Jenner could get back together surfaced very recently when both Kendall’s mom Kris Jenner and Kendall’s friend Hailey Baldwin liked pictures showing the supermodel with Harry Styles on social media. No publication has yet managed to get any source or PR comments on the story.

Harry Styles’ mom, Anne Twist, made some comments about Harry’s love life back in 2012 after Harry broke up with Caroline Flack. Anne said that Harry is very romantic and very “fit” so the girls love him, but he wasn’t keen to rush into anything after the Flack romance. Perhaps Harry feels the same way following his New Years tryst with Kendall Jenner, which ended badly and made Harry the recipient of criticism from a mutual Styles/Jenner friend in LA, according to the Sun.

“He’ll make a very nice boyfriend when he’s ready. He’s very romantic but doesn’t want to tie himself down at the moment. Harry is obviously very handsome or ‘fit’ as the girls would say… Whoever Harry falls in love with in the future will be a really lucky girl.”

[Photo by Abraham Caro Marin/AP Photo]