‘Pretty Little Liars’ Troian Bellisario Upset Over Co-star Ashley Benson’s Teen Choice Awards Win?

Pretty Little Liars stars Troian Bellisario and Ashley Benson are allegedly feuding after the latter beat her co-star at the recent Teen Choice Awards early this week. A new report revealed that Bellisario and Benson are no longer speaking.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Troian Bellisario is pretty upset when the award for Choice TV Actress: Drama was given to Ashley Benson. Benson, who plays Hanna Marin on the hit Freeform series, beat Jennifer Lopez (Shades of Blue), Kerry Washington (Scandal), Maia Mitchell (The Fosters), and Taraji P. Henson (Empire).

An insider close to Bellisario claimed that the actress was under intense pressure to live up to her family name. The Pretty Little Liars star came from a family of Hollywood royalty. Her parents, Deborah Pratt and Donald P. Bellisario are both noteworthy producers. With PLL possibly ending after this season, Bellisario was reportedly hoping to snag an award but fans chose Benson instead. The source further claimed that Bellisario and Benson are no longer on speaking terms.

“With her emotionally demanding character and the pressure of living up to her family name, Bellisario was allegedly furious when PLL co-star Ashley Benson beat her out of the coveted award. With rumors that the current season will be the show’s last, it looks like the long-term relationship of these two stars is ending on a sour note.”

Meanwhile, back in July, Cosmopolitan asked Troian Bellisario whether she was following the controversy surrounding Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian. While the Pretty Little Liars star considers herself Team Taylor, she cannot help but call out the “Blank Space” singer for her “false feminism.” She pointed out that although Swift identifies herself as a feminist, all she does is “tear down women.”

“Oh god, I have such an aversion to the Kardashians because I literally don’t understand people’s obsession with them and I don’t want to accept them as our closest thing to a royal family, so I guess I would be Team Taylor Swift? However, I’m so appalled by what I consider to be her false feminism. It seems like she’s this person who’s like, ‘Sisterhood!’ and then she does nothing but tear down the women that were once her friends. So is it possible to just be, like … this is a two-party system that I don’t want to be a part of? Can I just say that? Can I say that I would choose the Green Party in this?”

It did not take long before Bellisario took to Twitter and clarify her statements. She posted that she has “never even met” Swift and “could not care less” about her feud with Kardashian. She also pointed out that during the interview, she said that she would like to stay neutral about the whole Team Kim and Team Taylor feud.

“For goodness sake what I said about her was that I truly had no opinion on whatever matter was most recently going on with her. Please leave me out of noise like this. I basically said I would like to have no opinion on the topic. I’ve never even met her. I asked to not be involved in choosing sides because, right, I still don’t care.”

Because of her statement getting blown out of proportion, Troian Bellisario said that she would refrain from talking about any celebrity feuds moving forward.

“I said I couldn’t care less bout another Swift feud-apparently that means Im in one w/ her…(sic) I’m going to give a lot of non answers in the media from now on,” she tweeted.

Tell us! Do you think Troian Bellisario was upset over Ashley Benson’s win? Was she really also throwing shade Taylor Swift’s way? Let us know in the comments below.

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