Song Joong-ki, Song Hye-kyo: How Descendants Of The Sun Created Asia’s Ideal Couple

It’s been three months since the curtains came down on K-drama Descendants of the Sun. However, neither the fans nor the cast of this Korean mini series have gotten over the fact that the show has come to a close.

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While its lead stars Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo have been attending fan meets after the show, the crew, if the rumors are to be believed. If all goes well, fans will get to see Season 2 of Descendants of the Sun next year, according to a report by Soompi.

South Korean drama Descendants of the Sun, starring Song joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo is now a household name in Asia. Even in countries like the US and Canada, which has a huge southeast Asian population, the drama has gained immense popularity.

While it’s true that Descendants of the Sun has a simple yet niche storyline — a romance between a South Korean soldier and an army doctor — the drama would not have been at its best had it not cost the Hallyu heartthrobs Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo. The chemistry between these two stars was so utterly intense that fans of this K-drama regarded them as the ideal couple.

A blast from the past shows how the lead characters Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo responded when they first saw the script of Descendants of the Sun.

According to Straits Times, for the leading lady Song Hye-kyo who plays Dr Kang Mo-yeon in Descendants of the Sun, the script was a page-turner. The 16-episode TV series sported an amazing count of cliffhangers leaving the viewers wanting for more.

“When I read the script for the first time, I found I could read it as fast as if it were a comic book. That’s when I realized it would be a fun drama that many people would fall in love with. The relationship between a doctor and a soldier intrigued me,” said Song Hye-kyo who is now a role model among young Asian women.

“Regardless of the success of a drama or film, I will be satisfied if viewers say that my acting has progressed and has gained more depth. I personally think that it is acceptable if I take a step forward and can act with more diverse expressions and feelings. I don’t usually paint a big picture on what I’ll do in the future. One thing that is clear is that I will do my best in the current place where I am at,” Song Hye-kyo said, according to a report.

Song Joong-ki, on the other hand, believes that the drama is ultimately a romance. “You can see different kinds of scenes in the drama – there’s action, there’re earthquakes. But we still consider it a romantic drama. There are many couples like me and Hye Kyo as well as (the second leads) Jin Goo and Kim Ji-won in the drama. I hope the viewers would focus on the cute stories of those couples,” said Song Joong-ki, the charismatic star who stole the show.

Originally, the show lacked the romance bit. Later, the script was beefed up to include intense love scenes which enthralled the audience. It was this initiative that created the most ideal on-screen couple in Descendants of the Sun. While the chemistry on screen between Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo was captivating, fans of Descendants of the Sun have taken their relationship off screen and often played the guessing game of whether or not Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo are a couple in real life.

On the other hand, Song Hye-kyo did influence Song Joong-ki off screen. She was a source of inspiration to him. According to a report by Asia One, Song Joong-ki himself admitted that the actress was always around when he was filming the difficult scenes.

“I think Song Hye-kyo influenced me the most, as she spent the most time with me during the filming. She was always considerate of everyone around her and her behaviour is a living proof of why she is such a great star. Actually, she filmed all the difficult scenes— episodes in which Kang cries in sadness after Yoo’s death— all at once when I was in bed due to the injury. It must have been really pressuring and difficult, but she volunteered to do it,” said Song Joong-ki praising his Descendants of the Sun co-star.

Today, thanks to Descendants of the Sun, its lead actors Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo are considered the most happening actors of their time. While Song Joong-ki is busy filming Battleship Island, Song Hye-kyo is being discreet about her next project.

If all goes well, Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo will reprise their roles in Season 2 and the movie version of Descendants of the Sun, if there is one.

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