Lin-Manuel Miranda, Stephen Colbert, And Other Celebrities Reveal Their First Seven Jobs

We live in a wonderful age. Why? Because when the world wants its celebrities to answer questions they’re now able to simply able to throw them out into the online ether where they’re immediately answered.

This is why we now know that before he wrote, starred, and created Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda worked as a live model in Wesleyan drawing class, that Buzz Aldrin was a dish washer, and that before he became one of the world’s most famous comedian Stephen Colbert worked in construction.

It all started innocently enough, though. According to Time, the latest viral trend, #firstsevenjobs, began after a Twitter user by the name @mariancall asked her pals what their first seven jobs were. To get the ball rolling, Call revealed her first jobs.

But the internet and Twitter soon threw this question further afield, which inevitably led to it landing in front of a plethora of celebrities.

Stephen Colbert, who replaced David Letterman as the host of The Late Show earlier this year, was one of the first to respond, revealing that he’d had a number of peculiar jobs before he finally got into writing and performing.

He was soon joined by Lin-Manuel Miranda. The Broadway superstar, whose work on Hamilton has been roundly lauded and saw him pick-up numerous Tony Awards just last month, revealed that not only did he work on the register at McDonalds, but that he was also a teacher, too.

Monica Lewinsky soon joined in on the viral trend, too, revealing that before she took up her infamous internship at The White House, which culminated in her having a brief sexual affair with Bill Clinton, she had a number of random jobs, which included being working on a lemonade stand.

Before becoming an Academy Award-winning actress, Mira Sorvino also took up work in a number of random positions. Not only was she a script reader and did the obligatory stint as a waitress, considering she was a budding actress, but she also taught English in Beijing and was a Chinese tutor, too.

You can check out some of the other surprising first jobs of the likes of Buzz Aldrin, screenwriter Steven DeKnight, Star Wars 9’s writer and director Colin Trevorrow, and This Is Spinal Tap’s Harry Shearer and Michael McKean by looking below.


What were your first seven jobs?

[Photo by Getty/Paul Zimmerman]