Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Get Turned On During Beach Vacation

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are in love and it shows. The couple has been proudly displaying their feelings for each other all throughout their Italian beach getaway.

The couple nearly broke internet last week when a nude Orlando Bloom, 39, was seen paddleboarding behind his famous girlfriend. Katy Perry, 31, stuck to staying covered in a yellow tie-dye bikini. Ever since the uncensored photos leaked, fans have been buzzing about the photos and Orlando’s well-endowed penis. In some of the photos, it appeared that Bloom was turned on by his superstar girlfriend that he had to fix himself.

Katy Perry doesn’t seem to mind that everyone has seen her boyfriend naked. In fact, she is “turned on” by the fact that he gets nude in public, according to an alleged insider who spoke to Hollywood Life, as told by the Daily Star.

“Katy loves it when Orlando shows off his naked body. She’s not embarrassed with him being in the nude one bit. It’s actually a major turn on for her. She feels like Orlando is by far the hottest guy she’s ever been with and the most confident, not only about his body, but about himself in general.”

The Lord of the Rings actor feels the same way about his girlfriend. Shortly after Bloom’s nudes leaked on social media, the pair was seen fondling each other on the same public beach in Sardinia. According to another report via Hollywood Life, Bloom was seen grabbing Perry’s famous boobs as they soaked in the water. It didn’t matter to him that there was a crowd of people around. He was not acting horny, according to the outlet, he was doing it because he adores her.

“Orlando is really in love with Katy and is all in with her. His attachment to her is so deep that he wants to show her at all times that she is the one. He really is smitten with her, and always is touching her and kissing her! He wants her to know that his eyes are not on anyone else at any time, they are only on her.”

Sources also told Us Weekly what Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom really think about those nude photos that surfaced.

“[Orlando] finds the whole thing amusing,” a source told the outlet. The “Rise” singer is even cool with him stripping down in front of everyone, adding that “This isn’t something that would annoy her.”

Another source previously told the celebrity gossip blog that Perry doesn’t feel as comfortable with her body. She doesn’t like flaunting it around in public like she does in on stage and in her music videos. That’s probably the reason why Perry didn’t strip down with Bloom during their last trip to the beach on Tuesday, August 2.

But, the one thing that the pair agrees on is packing on the PDA. During both of their trips to the beach, both Katy and Orlando couldn’t keep their hands and lips off each other, according to a report via E! News. They were seen hugging and kissing each other, and looking quite in love.

Their Italian beach getaway is not the only trip they’ve been on. They recently attended a wedding together in Aspen, Colorado after hitting up Coachella. Then, Perry and Bloom took a last-minute trip to Hawaii and then headed off to New York City together back in February. The couple has also been to England, where Bloom was born, and Santa Barbara, Perry’s hometown.

“Katy and Orlando enjoy traveling together, so whenever they have an opportunity to try to make it work all of Katy’s friends and family like Orlando, so bringing him away with her is always a great time.”

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s PDA-filled photos and whirlwind romance is set to rival Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston’s, who have also traveled across the globe ever since they started dating. It’s any wonder how the couples will one-up each other now.

[Photo by Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Coach]