To Look Like A Kardashian: Eyebrow Tranplants The Latest Beauty Trend?

Plastic surgeons have been performing eyebrow transplants on patients for years. Burn and dog-bite victims are generally the recipients of the procedure, which removes hair follicles from other parts of the body and grafts them to the face. More recently, however, women have been shelling out as much as $8,000 for the procedure. For what reason?

To look like Kim Kardashian. reports that eyebrow transplants are becoming the next been beauty trend, with “[Megan] Fox and the Kardashian sisters’ arches are the most requested styles.” According to, “full eyebrows have been a big beauty trend for some time now, but some ladies are tired of having to fill in their own with wax and powders.”

“Right now Kim Kardashian is hot,” Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Sanusi Umar tells The New York Times with a laugh, “that is, eyebrow wise.” The doctor also gets requests for Brooke Shields’ brows. While women have been relentlessly holding on to thin, arched brows – a la 1990s Gwen Stefani – the couture fashion industry has been attempting to move the brow trend from scant to sensual. Once the trend trickled down to celebrities such as Megan Fox and the Kardashians, the public finally took notice – and wanted the same look.

Dr. Umar, according to The New York Times, has revolutionized eyebrow transplants:

“Dr. Umar has been performing eyebrow hair transplants with a new method that can take individual hairs from any part of the body, such as the nape or the leg, rather than the old strip method that harvested the back of the head. The procedure takes 4 to 5 hours and starts at $6,000.”

Like any surgical procedure, however, brow transplants don’t come without risks. Manhattan health administrator Jana Jordan visited Dr. Jeffrey Epstein for her new brows. Jordan reports to

“The surgery was a success (hello, Fox-y lady!), but with one caveat: unlike natural eyebrows, transplanted hairs don’t stop growing: ‘My eyebrows grew and grew and, by six months, I had this old grandfather look going on! I was too scared to cut them, and it took a lot of courage to finally do it!'”

Jordan was also put on Valium, Ambien and Lidocain to help with the pain from the surgery, in which “400 hair follicles were transplanted from her head to her brows.”

Nevertheless, Peter Philips, creative director of Chanel Makeup, tells The New York Times that “a fuller brow makes women look younger and cooler.” Obviously. Plus, The New York Times Style Magazine claims that brows “Are. So. Hot. Right. Now.” I guess that says it all, doesn’t it?

Readers: What do you think about this latest trend? Would you shell out $8,000 for Fox’ lush brows?