‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Actress Talks Season 5, Major Character Dies Next Week [Rumor]

Sons of Anarchy fans (myself included) feel every second of every day between a new season 5 episode and the next. Already, just thinking about it, my hands are shaking not unlike the arthritis-ridden hands of former-President Clay Morrow. Good thing cast and crew are giving us little morsels to sustain us from week to week. The latest? A Huffington Post interview with actress Maggie Siff.

For those of you who don’t know (hey… why are you here?), Siff plays Tara Knowles, doctor and long-time girlfriend/fiancee/now-wife of current SAMCRO President and Sons main protagonist Jax Teller (played by Charlie Hunnam). The two finally got married in last week’s episode (in a brothel, no less) and Siff sat down with Alex Moaba of HuffPo to talk about where her character, and the season, are headed.

On the season premiere:

“It’s so funny because we’re still in the middle of shooting the season, and it’s Sons of Anarchy, so terrible shit happens all the time, and I started watching that episode was like, “Oh no, this is the one where the daughter gets burned alive.” It kind of is one of the most gruesome things television has ever seen.”

On becoming Gemma 2.0:

“It’s true, she’s taking a lot of lessons from her. And one of them is, ‘How do I play this?’ — being in the moment but also having this conversation with herself, seeing all the manipulation and dealing with the opportunistic question of what’s going to work best for me in this situation.”

On Tara’s subtle and developing excitement over the danger of the Sons world:

“You know, one of the very first thoughts I had about the character was the fact that she’s this surgeon, and she kind of deals with life and death and blood and guts all the time. And I think there has to be some place, on some level, on which it does excite her.”

Don Draper or Jax Teller?

“Don Draper probably has a bigger hole in his soul than Jax Teller. All Jax knows is this criminal life and this world and these people, and the world is pretty small. I think Don has more holes in his history, and little less control over what he can’t feel. He goes through the series, and he’s so blind and numb to these things in himself. But, I don’t know, Don’s making progress, who knows where he’ll end up.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, a major character is going to die next week. The character’s death is reportedly going to be shocking and unexpected, leading some sites to think that maybe Tara herself is on the chopping block. But in light of her new interview, for some reason I kindly doubt it.

Sons of Anarchy airs Tuesdays at 10pm ET on FX. Head on over to The Huffington Post for Maggie Siff’s full interview.